Integrating Existing Tools in the Cloud

As enterprise clients move away from legacy systems, there is a fear of cloud vendor
lock-in and losing existing investments and processes.

Why This Matters:

The enterprise adoption of cloud has dramatically changed, organizations are looking to leverage deep integration and adaptability within the cloud to support their environment. As enterprise clients move away from legacy systems, there is a fear of cloud vendor lock-in and losing existing investments and processes.

Why is this a challenge for organizations?

  • Need to be able to manage, monitor and protect existing applications and systems
  • Existing products/applications that integrate with VMware but are not compatible with AWS or Azure
  • Organizations are worried about the time and resources that will be required to update their applications to fit into a cloud provider's network configuration
  • Enterprises want to ensure they can get out of the cloud because of the way clouds are either proprietary in nature or architected in a way that is so dramatically different from other clouds that the underlying infrastructure would be impossible to forklift

How do I solve this challenge?

  • Connect physical devices directly or via cross-connect without data transfer limits or costs
  • Build hybrid cloud applications that use public cloud resources, without having to re-architect all the applications you already have
  • Connect your existing applications privately and securely to your public cloud footprint
  • Build a platform that encompasses both your co-located equipment and cloud services to fully execute a hybrid strategy
  • Leverage dedicated private layer 2 connections that allow you to bring your network and design “as-is”—reducing business risk and time-to-market
  • Build networks among countless service providers and multiple clouds to prevent data egress “lock-in” by sourcing your data in Faction’s cloud
  • Directly connect to specific managed service providers, hyperscaler clouds and software providers for high-performance networking and increased security capabilities


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Who do I choose to help solve the problem?

Compose your cloud solution with Faction without leaving behind your familiar tools, providers, networks, and most importantly control. Cloud integration for your business used to be difficult, but we make it easy once you're running in the cloud to monitor, secure, budget and optimize applications, while also linking to legacy infrastructure and processes. We allow for integrators to help build up additional elements of service assurance, such as incident notification and resolution procedures.

We support and provide our clients an easy, accessible route to connect existing applications privately and securely to multiple public clouds and on-premise to be able to continue maintaining control of their new cloud infrastructure and existing applications and systems. We allow you to integrate with familiar tools, providers, networks and equipment to maintain control of your system and network topography.

Start your cloud transformation by beginning with a robust set of core features built into every Faction Cloud Bloc, which serves as the foundation for any Faction cloud deployment. A Cloud Bloc includes access to a dedicated VMware vCenter with Administrator privileges and a small pool of compute, storage, and networking resources, which can be expanded by adding incremental units at will for a predictable cost structure.

Faction is an expert at delivering rapid transitions, extremely non-disruptive migrations, and significant cost savings over both on-prem and pure public cloud. At the same time, our direct connect service, Faction Internetwork eXchange (FIX) is explicitly designed to immediately unlock the value of your migrated applications, by allowing you to immediately craft hybrid applications between the migrated applications and public cloud services. We enable this by ensuring clients don't need any specialized hardware, software, or expertise by offering our “out of the box” hybridized private clouds that can connect "as-is" into public cloud environments, easily and inexpensively.

Faction offers a variety of services to help organizations make a move to cloud and still stick with their budget!

Cloud Strategy Assessment

Our experts can help interview your stakeholders holistically, asking the right questions and ensuring you have considered all the factors to make your cloud migration successful, that your business objectives are well-understood and aligned across your organization, and that your tactical plan follows from your strategic objectives, and that your plan is achievable with the timing and budget available

Cloud Architecture

Our cloud experts can help architect your cloud presence, helping to design private, public, and hybrid- and multi-cloud environments that encompass all your application needs, and take into account your budget, integration requirements, technical operations, and future plans

Infrastructure Assessment

Complementary to our cloud architecture efforts, Faction can perform an infrastructure assessment, using automated tools to assess your compute, storage, and network requirements, ensuring you have a right-sized cloud ready to go. Faction backs this with a
100% sizing guarantee

Cloud Migration

Our team can directly assist with the tools and processes to execute a seamless migration to the cloud, leveraging our experience, software, and cloud platform to perform a battle-hardened cloud migration that saves money, reduces risk, and gets the job done quickly

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