Maintaining Control in the Cloud

By choosing your provider and deployment model, you remain in control of your environment.

Why Maintaining Control in the Cloud
is a Real Fear

Enterprise data is an organization's biggest business asset, and while the cloud will optimize storage and management of data, this puts IT pros at risk of losing control of data.

The benefit for a company moving to the cloud is having the security, infrastructure and high service levels available, which is far greater than many organizations can afford to deploy on their own. Yet, the fear of losing control of data is a real barrier for organizations to make that move, even when wanting to leverage the benefits of the cloud.

Why is this a challenge for organizations?

As adoption of cloud services has increased, so has the concern over the control of company data. Maintaining control can be a challenge, since for many cloud service providers, the cloud infrastructure is entirely owned, managed and monitored by them, which allows for minimal control by a client. Typically, the client can only control and manage the applications, data, and services operated on top of that, not the backend infrastructure itself. Key administrative tasks may not be able to be passed on to the client or end user.

For companies not yet in the cloud, this fear of moving to the cloud makes perfect sense as traditionally they have purchased, deployed and maintained their hardware and stored data on their equipment either in their office or a data center with private access and complete control.

This traditional approach provides a high level of comfort with their physically owned systems and data. However, this approach doesn't always meet the needs of their business as the quality of their underlying technology architecture might not be that secure or scalable.

How do I solve this challenge?

Ultimately control in the cloud happens by selecting the right cloud provider. The control comes from knowing that your cloud provider has the best infrastructure, security and disaster recovery plans in place. Moving to the cloud doesn't mean giving your data to someone and never seeing it again. The cloud can be used and deployed in countless ways and configured to meet your business needs, along with having the level of control that makes you comfortable.

Along with selecting the best cloud provider, determining the best cloud deployment model is also crucial. Implementing a hybrid cloud environment, for example, where some business applications are in the cloud and others are hosted on-premise hardware or with a colocation provider could be the best fit for you. You can pick the best platform for each application, and be certain that your company data is protected. Working with a cloud provider that allows you to manage all of your storage options is crucial for ongoing control and visibility into data.


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Who do I choose to help solve the problem?

Maintaining control comes down to selecting the cloud provider that best matches your needs and requirements. At Faction, we give you the type of control you're used to in our Multi-Cloud Platform as a Service solution. Such as having the same level control of your on-premise servers with administrative-level VMware vCenter access.

We can deploy cloud solutions based on the business needs of our clients. For example, we can take critical accounting systems and data and deploy it in our private cloud where the client is the only one with access to the physical systems and data, and completely isolated from other clients and systems. Our clients receive all the benefits the cloud provides in cost savings, high availability, management, and security while still maintaining ultimate control of their data.

When we help clients analyze the advantages, disadvantages, and costs related to owning and maintaining their systems versus deploying in the cloud, the cloud wins in almost every case. So if you find yourself holding onto legacy systems out of fear of losing control, do some analysis to confirm if your fears of control are justified. You may just find that you have better control of your data in the cloud without the responsibility of managing all the technology.

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