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The ability to innovate at a faster pace and achieve a quicker time-to-market is essential for digital marketing. Consumers are living an on-demand life, and won't wait for images and videos to load. You need the lowest latency to ensure viewers don't scroll past your content. Don't let your engagement suffer, take advantage of all the benefits the cloud has to offer digital marketers.

Cloud powers most SaaS apps that digital marketing teams use to monitor campaigns, create content, schedule posts, and manage customer engagement. All of this increases the amount of data a marketer needs to manage and analyze.

Digital marketing is also fueled by collecting customer data to predict future customer behaviors. Combining these huge amounts of data with the latest in AI is helping advance digital marketing and proving it to be a pillar of many organizations. Yet, controlling the cost and performance of this data can be too much for some organizations to handle.

Faction has 7 cloud locations across the United States, providing low-latency connections between Faction cloud locations and major public clouds. Choose from several storage tiers to alleviate your big data digital marketing challenges, and save money by paying only for the resources you use.

Faction multi-cloud solutions offer connectivity to various public clouds so you can leverage best-of-breed feature-sets from any cloud provider, such as AWS or Microsoft Azure. Automate your marketing campaigns and collaborate remotely with your digital team for a more efficient workflow.

How Faction Helps the Digital Marketing Sector

  • Multi-cloud solutions with access to major public clouds and cloud-native apps
  • Low-latency connections across the US
  • Scalability & efficiency
  • Pay as you grow and save money
  • Streamline workloads and applications


Use Cases


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