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Retailers and eCommerce websites are using the cloud to achieve an "always-available" business model to be meet the growing expectations of consumers and allows for continuously being connected to buyers. This "always-available" model expects that inventory is consistently up-to-date and that customers receive regular updates.  Customers ultimately have a bad experience if anything slows down the buying process. The cloud helps online retailers provide their customers the best buying experience with real-time updates, so they are always in the know.

Because you can connect with customers 24/7, it's important to be able to distribute and engage in an intelligent and efficient way. Tracking customer behavior and buying patterns helps predict future trends and plan for success. That means tons of data, and the best place for that data to live is in the cloud.

How Faction Helps the Retail & eCommerce Sectors

Faction solutions help retail organizations meet consumer demand and drive growth.

  • Cloud collaboration allows for improved channel operations
  • Better insights into customer activity and customer service
  • Responsive, cost-effective solutions
  • Compliant and secure clouds to maintain customer privacy
  • Cost effective storage solutions for your big data & analytics


Use Cases


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