Disaster Recovery

Realize the benefits of Disaster Recovery in the cloud


IT organizations are faced with the challenge of ensuring that data is protected 24/7. Data is the company's lifeline, and when jeopardized or lost, the results can be so detrimental that it shuts down a business. When disaster strikes or an outage occurs, it is imperative to have a plan in place to make sure you don't suffer a significant loss, if any.

Data protection is critical to the success of every organization, so it's best practice to have a disaster recovery backup solution that works quickly and is easy to manage.

Disaster Recovery Benefits

Why you should invest in a Multi-Cloud Disaster Recovery (MCDRaaS) solution:

  • Conserve monetary resources by eliminating large up-front capital investments, like traditional hardware
  • Pay only for the resources you use by architecting a cloud DR strategy around the application recovery requirements
  • Faster response time, so you avoid spending unnecessary costs, time, and processing recovering your data from the cloud as opposed to on-premises
  • DR facilities can quickly and easily be moved to different geographies providing further flexibility
  • Eliminate the use of out-dated disks, back-up tapes, etc.
  • Address compliance mandates such as PCI, HIPAA, SOX and others with SOC 1 & 2 compliant data centers


Working with Faction

Faction provides the resources and skill set to build the Multi-Cloud DR solution (MCDRaaS) that best fits your organization's needs. With seven locations across the country, you can backup your data offsite at the location of your choice.

Faction's Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions provide businesses with control, flexibility, and products designed to tier the recoverability of applications according to the business's Recovery Point and Recovery Time Objectives. Faction understands that critical IT systems are the lifeblood of your business.

Our DR solutions provide you with Administrator-level VMware vCenter access, allowing you to integrate 3rd party tools like Veeam®, Zerto®, Site-Recovery Manager®. Giving IT teams familiar tools and control to respond to events and provide continuity for their business. Faction offers a quick and cost-effective way for you to deploy a cloud-based DR solution while maintaining control.


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