Discover the benefits of Multi-Cloud


Multi-cloud is an approach where your environment is made up of more than one cloud vendor, either public or private. Utilizing multiple clouds allows IT teams to build storage networks amongst countless cloud platforms such as AWS, Microsoft, OpenStack and VMware for multiple applications.

The multi-cloud approach has enterprises around the globe assessing their existing approach and defining a new strategy that encompasses multiple clouds. According to Gartner, multi-cloud strategies will jump from 10% in 2015 to more than 70% by 2018.

Benefits Multi-Cloud

Why considering a Multi-Cloud solution is smart for your organization:

  • Run workloads where it performs best, for the lowest cost
  • Leverage best-of-breed feature-sets from any provider
  • Dodge the headache of migrating legacy apps to a new platform
  • Avoid vendor lock-in
  • Avoid high latency while creating redundancy
  • Faster time-to-market, rapid scale, and improved service delivery
  • Maintain high availability, with scalable backup for data, workflows, and systems
  • Ability to create the right blend of cloud apps and features


Working with Faction

  • Faction is the first Multi-Cloud Platform as a Service (MCPaaS) provider
  • Backup from any of our cloud node locations with Faction Internetwork Exchange, our direct connect service
  • Minimize exorbitant egress fees and reduce billing variability by leveraging Faction’s straightforward, no hidden fees price model.
  • Leverage best-of-breed feature-sets from any cloud provider, such as AWS or Microsoft Azure.
  • Your data is available across the network for easy recovery and continuity
  • Creating a highly functional Multi-Cloud environment can be complex - hiring and training a team with all of the skills to run this can be expensive and time-consuming, Faction consultants are here to help you build the multi-cloud environment you need, without the complexity and cost of managing it on your own.


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