Production Workloads in the Cloud

Save money, time and resources, while also boosting innovation,
increasing speed and flexibility.


Running production workloads in the cloud comes with several benefits: you can save money, time and resources, boost innovation, and increase speed and flexibility.

There are several things to consider when determining if your production workloads are appropriate for the cloud.

  • Workload requirements
  • High performance and customization
  • Security
  • Compliance
  • Backup

Compliance and security are top concerns when referring to production workloads, and many wonder if those are appropriate for cloud workload management.

Many organizations are unaware what moving production workloads to the cloud means. From operational requirements, migration processes and a number of other dependencies on services and applications, migration of production workloads might be difficult for organizations without the internal experience. But the benefits of moving workloads to the cloud, for many enterprises, outweigh the risk.

Benefits of Moving Production Workloads to the Cloud

  • Reduce costs by eliminating upfront capital investments on hardware
  • Easily migrate to the cloud with simple integrations for common migration tools
  • Stay in control of your environment, customize, and easily scale resources
  • Integrate existing tools to maintain familiarity & expertise with your environment
  • Interconnect everything to create your ideal multi-cloud solution
  • Backup your data to protect yourself from malware attacks, user error, accidental data deletion, and more


Working with Faction

Faction Cloud Blocs are architected to provide production workloads with performance, scalability, and flexibility to adapt to changing requirements. Our core Cloud Bloc serves as the foundation for every cloud deployment, offering a balanced approach to CPU, RAM, Storage, IOPS, and Network. Control the resources you use, mix and match, determine when you use them, and scale each resource type separately when necessary.

Faction Cloud Blocs can be scaled to deliver Terabytes upon Terabytes of RAM, Petabytes of Storage, and Millions of IOPS to support the most demanding enterprise workloads. If you are concerned about horsepower, Faction can expertly architect a platform to your specific workload requirements. All backed by our 100% Availability SLA.

If you don't have the staff on-hand for operating an existing environment or need to borrow our expertise for your new cloud environment, we provide a suite of Managed and Professional Services to augment staff and provide expertise and manpower to ensure a smooth migration and customer experience in the cloud.


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