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Protecting valuable business data is crucial to maintaining operations during a crisis and being prepared for strategic initiatives, whether you are running legacy workloads on-prem or expanding modern workloads into the cloud. Seems easy enough, but the challenge is that the more data you protect, the higher your costs climb. These costs continue to grow, even though you rarely need to access data outside of a disaster or data loss event.

Clouds provide a highly flexible and utility-based approach to storing data off-premises, but they do not offer any capability to drive higher efficiencies through solutions like deduplication. Deduplication reduces the total amount of storage required instead of using space to store copies of the same data. Using less storage space to protect your data means lower storage costs.

Faction provides a cloud-adjacent data protection solution that can provide up to 65X data deduplication. That means 65 TB of data could take up only 1 TB of logical space, which can drive down your overall costs significantly.

This fully managed service is available to protect your on-premises data, backup and recovery for applications and data stored in any of the major hyperscale clouds (AWS, Azure, Google), or can use native backup and archive applications that leverage common protocols like NFS and SMB to backup data to the cloud without rearchitecting.


  • Cost savings through storage efficiencies

    Our solution is capable of delivering up to 65x deduplication ratios, providing significant cost savings over other platforms.

  • Centralized data protection for all the clouds

    Backups from single or multiple cloud providers (AWS, VMware Cloud on AWS, GCP, Azure) to a single destination with global efficiency and deduplication to save on data costs.

  • Avoid vendor lock-in

    As data grows behind your applications, the egress cost, migration risk, and time required to move to a different vendor become infeasible. Keeping your data adjacent to the cloud overcomes this challenge.


Use Cases

Data Protection is suitable for a variety of use cases including Secondary Copy in Cloud, Public Cloud Recovery, Public Cloud Protection, and Eliminating Data Duplication. Click on each of the tabs below to learn more about these use cases.


Secondary Copy in Cloud

With Faction, you can protect your data in a private cloud while setting the foundation for future multi-cloud initiatives. Choose from dedicated or multi-tenant Data Domain replication offsite. When you’re ready, Faction provides low-latency multi-cloud access, $0 Egress for Azure, and single repository for all clouds.


Public Cloud Recovery

Expand your data protection with accessibility from multiple clouds and recover into the public cloud on-demand or in place. With Faction, you have low-latency connections to all major public cloud providers, instant access to multi-cloud, and a pay-as-you-go model for multi-cloud access.


Public Cloud Protection

Protect your public cloud data with powerful dedupe and instantly restore to any public cloud provider – no lock in! It’s seen as a native read and write. Maximize global deduplication across distributed data backed up from multiple clouds with single namespace and low-latency connection to all major public clouds.


Eliminate Duplication

Dramatically reduce your data footprint by using global deduplication with Cloud Control Volumes by Faction. Faction Cloud is a target for Backup & Restore and works with on-premise and any cloud deployment. Perfect for organizations with hybrid cloud, multiple public cloud instances, or on-prem data creation, who wish to eliminate multiple copies of siloed data.

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