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Hadoop Powered Big Data Analytics

Hadoop Big Data Analytics

Save time, save money, and deliver higher quality analysis for your business with Hadoop Big Data analytics.

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As datasets grow larger and larger, they become increasingly difficult to move, effectively locking an enterprise into a single cloud provider. But vendor lock-in limits your ability to access innovative tools from other cloud providers, and some capabilities are unique to a specific provider. For example, AWS offers a rich set of applications and capabilities for voice recognition and anomaly detection, but Azure offers self-service business intelligence and meaningful insights with reports and dashboards.

A multi-cloud data strategy powered by Dell Technologies Cloud Storage for Multi-Cloud and Faction Cloud Control Volumes enables your organization to seamlessly analyze and manage Big Data using best-of-breed tools from multiple cloud providers simultaneously, boosting your innovation power and accelerating your speed to insight.

Value for Big Data organizations

Avoid data ingest fees

Data is stored in Faction Cloud Control Volumes and attached via low-latency, high-throughput connections. This enables large data set ingestion into the cloud for analysis without paying high cloud services costs.

Accelerate time to analysis and insight

Data is readily available in your cloud-adjacent HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System) data store which reduces the time required to import datasets into the cloud for analysis.

Boost innovation power

Once your data is connected, you can leverage cloud services from providers like AWS, Azure, and Google simultaneously, without duplicating data across clouds.

How It Works

How it works

Easily scale a cloud-based ingestion layer in Azure, while writing data to Faction to make it immediately available to all clouds.

Leverage fully managed analytics services across multiple public clouds for scale, cost, or access to PaaS-level features.

Continue to use the same data for customized big data stacks on any public cloud if all your needs don’t fit the fully-managed offerings.

As data accumulates, leverage the multi-PB scale and multi-cloud availability of your data on Faction to make it easy to manage and govern your data.

Characteristics of Data Warehouses

Ingest data directly into your data stores leveraging a variety of tools like Prevaga, Spark, or Kafka.
Combine third-party data sources (e.g. Twitter) with company data to increase the quality of insights.
Leverage existing skills by using familiar HDFS Clusters built on tools like Ambari, Cloudera, or Hortonworks.

Solve complex business and data problems with Faction.

Faction partners with Dell to help organizations build out and execute winning strategies for enterprise architecture via proprietary multi-cloud methodologies and technology.

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