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Durable, scalable Cloud Control Volumes enable business innovation.

Faction Cloud Control Volumes® allow you to share your data across apps and clouds in real-time while optimizing performance and costs.

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Cloud infrastructure providers want you to keep your data exclusively in their storage. But getting locked into a single storage manager limits your ability to innovate, and your flexibility to move.

Traditional storage solutions limit your ability to share data across platforms. And when you do extract your data, you’re met with huge egress fees and compliance headaches.

What are Cloud Control Volumes?

Faction Cloud Control Volumes (CCV) are the leading alternative to storing your data in a major platform. They provide your business with durable, scalable, cloud-adjacent storage, so you can centralize your data and easily share it. This access to best-in-class services from multiple providers boosts your organization’s ability to innovate. Data is shared over an ultra-low-latency connection, nearly eliminating transfer lag time. CCV® are available in a range of storage tiers, allowing you to choose the storage option that suits your organization’s data needs and avoid paying for unnecessary resources.

Cloud Control Volumes save you time, money and reduce complexity.

Flexible performance tiering

Choose the performance tier that matches your workloads and only pay for the resources you need.

Persistent and durable data storage

CCVs are more durable and persistent than public solutions. Data remains intact when resources are decommissioned.

Ultra-low latency connection

CCVs are directly connected to public clouds via Faction’s proprietary, patented Layer 2 network connectivity, enabling data to be processed in two milliseconds or less.

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Match your Cloud Control Volumes storage to your performance needs.


For application testing and development, off-premises data replication, data resilience, and home or shared directories.


For applications that require frequent read access, including media processing, home directories, application testing and development, container storage, and data warehouse and analytics workloads.

Faction connects you to the largest, most powerful infrastructure providers in the world.

Use Cloud Control Volumes with one or more hyperscale providers to leverage the best tools and functionality on the market.

Faction technology enables a powerful storage strategy.

<h2>Faction technology enables a powerful storage strategy.</h2>

Data can be moved from customer premises to a Faction location via VPN, SD-Wan, or Private Line.

Faction Cloud Control Volumes® provide customers with a flexible design that matches the right storage performance tiers to workload needs, optimizing costs.

Data is accessible by multiple clouds at the same time via Faction’s patented layer 2 technology, delivering low latency high throughput connectivity.

The service allows for services and applications from all hyperscale providers to be used for accessing and processing the data at the same time.

Easily Manage Your Public Connectivity

As your business needs change and your workloads scale, you can ramp up public connectivity to match. Use the Faction Portal to add new connections, change bandwidth, or delete connections to match your multi-cloud architecture.

Get cloud storage built with your business goals in mind.

Faction’s proprietary Cloud Control Volumes® enable your business to scale your applications, improve real-time analytics, and expand organizational capabilities – all while reducing budget spend and eliminating cloud lock-in.

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