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Cyber Recovery with PowerProtect for Multi-Cloud

Secure and isolate your most critical data from the increasing risk of ransomware.

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According to The State of Ransomware 2021, the average ransom paid to hackers after an attack is $170,404. Meanwhile, the average cost of remediating a ransomware attack in 2021 was $1.85 million, which includes business downtime, lost business, operational costs, and more. Some enterprises are paying multi-million dollar ransoms, like the $4.4 million ransom that Colonial Pipelines paid in June 2021.

Corporations, enterprises, local, state, and government agencies, along with educational and medical institutions, are paying hefty ransoms because enterprise recovery from backups can be challenging and time-consuming, and the ransomware attack may have compromised their backups and disaster recovery solutions.

Cyber Recovery with Dell Technologies Cloud PowerProtect for Multi-cloud is a secure data vaulting service that provides peace of mind for attacks like these. The cyber recovery vault is located in a Faction cloud location that provides an air-gapped vault and immutable copies, plus optional machine learning to detect potential issues, all built on a secure multi-cloud-enabled infrastructure.

Faction Cyber Recovery Solution Features

Data Isolation & Governance

A physically isolated data center environment that is segregated from corporate and backup networks and restricted from users.

Air Gap and Immutable Copies

Controlled air-gap to limit access between production and cyber recovery vault environments. Immutable data copies to ensure the data cannot be compromised once delivered.

Intelligent Analytics and Tools

Optional CyberSense analytics leverages machine learning to analyze the data within the vault and look for potential threats and alert for any potential issues.

Protect Multi-Cloud Environments

Consolidate protection operations from AWS, Azure, GCP, OCI, and others into one location – simplifying workstreams and lowering costs.

Zero Dollar egress

with Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud to Faction.

Meet Recovery Time Objectives

Create independent clean room environments and recover back to your data center or any public cloud provider.

Secure Cyber Vault with Dell PowerProtect in Faction Cloud

How it works

PowerProtect in Faction Cloud protects public cloud data with powerful dedupe and enables restore to any public cloud provider.

A virtual air gap prevents unauthorized access to the Cyber Recovery cyber vault.

Customer-defined critical data is secured in the cyber vault and can be recovered to the Dell EMC PowerProtect appliance.

Direct connections back to the major public clouds from Dell EMC PowerProtect appliance, managed by Faction.

Secure Cyber Vault to Protect On-Premises Data

Premises Data

Replicate data from an on-premises PowerProtect DD to a separate PowerProtect DD in the Cyber Recovery vault in one of Faction’s data centers.

Air gap managed by the vault administrator.

Recover critical systems back on-premises or optionally into a public cloud provider.

Secure Cyber Vault for Customers with DDVE in Public Cloud

Public Cloud

Protect data from a virtual Data Domain (DDVE) in the public cloud.

Virtual air gap protects secure cyber vault.

Replicate critical data to the secure cyber vault in Faction Cloud.

Technical Details

The secure vault environment includes:

Technical Details

A PowerProtect for Multi-Cloud system serves as the replication target for the customer’s primary PowerProtect DD or DDVE systems.

Technical Details

Compute resources running on dedicated hardware for customers to install and run the PowerProtect Cyber Recovery management tools and any optional CyberSense analytics tools.


CyberSense intelligent analytics and tools – CyberSense leverages machine learning within the safety of the vault to identify known good backups and alert to ongoing threats.

Regional Availability

Portland, Oregon (PDX)
Reston, Virginia (RES)
Santa Clara, California (SCL)
London, UK (LON))
Frankfurt, Germany (FRA)

Enhance cyber recovery with Faction.

Faction partners with Dell to help organizations build out and execute winning strategies for enterprise architecture and cyber recovery via proprietary multi-cloud methodologies and technology.

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