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Data Warehouse Solutions

Break down silos and get faster time to insights using a warehouse deployed on Faction Cloud Control Volumes, the industry’s leading multi-cloud data services platform.

Unlock the value of your data.

Are you getting the full value from your data?

As your organization grows, so does your volume of data. This leads to data gravity issues, where it becomes difficult to move large quantities from one provider to another. Even with the help of applications, systems, or expansive warehouse solutions, you can quickly become siloed, and maintaining version control is near impossible. A hybrid or multi-cloud solution is an ideal strategy for companies needing more effective solutions. But many organizations lack the expertise to make an extensive move on their own.

Faction can help. Explore our solutions.

Deploying a third-party warehouse and analytics on Faction’s data services platform not only opens the door to greater innovation, but it reduces vendor lock-in and egress fees, and creates a more flexible environment for your organization’s future growth plans.

Eliminate silos and ingestion

Create a single source of truth by centralizing your data in one secure location. No need to ingest every time; simply analyze with on-demand services from multiple public clouds simultaneously.

Accelerate time to insight

Get on-demand provisioning for AI/ML and analytics services when you need them, and access data that is already presented to all clouds.

Avoid vendor lock-in

Remove egress costs and avoid lock-in from proprietary data services.

How It Works

How it works

Identify your structured or unstructured sources to perform ELT operations. Stream structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data directly into a data lake.

Manipulate data in the warehouse of your choice, deployed on Faction Cloud Control Volumes. Leverage your choice of ETL tools from several providers, including AWS Kinesis Message, Google Data Flow, Azure Event Blobs, and more.

Utilize Faction services across hybrid- or multi-cloud environments. Support connectivity through JDBC or ODBC connections to perform analytics and/or business Intelligence.

Leverage BI and reporting tools of your choice to present your findings. Run AI/ML models, generate graphs, and undertake various visualization operations in your Faction environment.

Characteristics of Data Warehouses

More innovation power

Use the best tool learning capability for the problem, compare multiple tools for best results for building AI models, or look for new insights based upon the availability of best-in-breed tooling.

Near real-time reporting

Stream or ingest decentralized sources into a centralized connected data warehouse that provides on-demand access to analysis and information.

Data persistency

Data, meta-data, and trained ML models remain intact, even in an event where resources are decommissioned.

Don’t let data gravity pull you down.

Faction Cloud Control Volumes and Multi-Cloud Data Services can help you scale your data and your business.


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