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Data is your most strategic asset – if you can unlock its true value.

Faction’s patented multi-cloud data services platform connects you to best-in-class services from multiple cloud providers simultaneously, so you can leverage the full value of your data.

Experience the benefits of a true multi-cloud solution.

Overcome data gravity

Seamless multi-cloud data and workload management eliminates data gravity concerns and avoids storing multiple out-of-sync copies of the same data.

Boost innovation power

Innovate faster by accessing best-in-class services from whichever cloud provider has the leading solution at any given time.

Avoid vendor lock‑in

Leveraging features from multiple cloud providers at the same time reduces the cost, risk, and time associated with changing vendors.

Mitigate risks

Multi-cloud reduces your organization’s exposure to a single point of failure while centralizing governance and control of your data within regulatory requirements.

Expand geography

Adopt local solutions for your data (in accordance with GDPR and data sovereignty) while connecting and leveraging preferred cloud services in other geographies.

Cut costs and complexity

Multi-cloud architecture stores a single copy of your data in a central location accessible by all clouds simultaneously, cutting storage costs by 3-4x.

Multiple clouds does not equal multi‑cloud.

Multiple Clouds

Duplicated data, each accessible only from a single cloud.

Multiple IPs. Multiple volumes. Complex management with inflated costs and sync issues.


Faction provides a single copy of data, accessible by all
clouds, at the same time.

Single IP. Single Volume. Management simplicity and lower costs.

Is multi-cloud right for you?

Our customers typically fall into one of these two camps.

You’re stuck in a single-cloud strategy that limits innovation.

As the volume and value of your data grows, so do the costs of extracting your data and changing providers. The longer you wait to transition to an agile, multi-cloud strategy, the greater your egress fees. Faction is your trusted guide, helping you deliver multi-cloud solutions for some of the most demanding workloads.

You need to take a data-first approach to cloud that future-proofs your cloud strategy.

Your data has outgrown your on-premises platform. You know you need a hyperscale cloud provider, but aren’t sure where to start. Faction has the expertise and solutions to help you plan a data-first approach to multi-cloud adoption, suited to your organization’s future needs. One that provides future flexibility to change providers without shifting data and opens the door to innovative new business models.

We’re multi-cloud pioneers.
And we’re still leading the charge.

Enterprise scale

Faction’s multi-cloud data services platform powers organizations of all sizes, including some of the world’s largest storage and technology providers and data-intensive, Fortune 500 enterprises.


Faction’s platform, incorporating 10 patents, delivers the only true multi-cloud data services solution in the world.

Powerful partnerships

We’ve partnered with industry giants like Dell Technologies, Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google, Oracle and more to deliver multi-cloud solutions for some of the most demanding workloads.

Our goal with moving our business operations to multi-cloud was to deliver fast and secure transfer of patient data to the cloud for data analytics, backup and disaster recovery. Since this initiative we have seen a 500% increase in network traffic from patients remotely accessing the portal, scaling from 75 tele-health providers to 2,000. This means better care during the pandemic and continued remote care to more patients after the pandemic. Our transformation also lowered our overall infrastructure costs by 40-60%.

Matthew Douglas

Chief Architect - Sentara Healthcare / Optima Health

Faction powers Dell.

We’ve combined Faction’s proprietary cloud technology and managed services with Dell Technologies’ industry-leading storage platforms to create a best-in-class multi-cloud portfolio: Dell Technologies Cloud Storage for Multi-Cloud.

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Take control of your data.

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