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Are you getting the most out of your data?

Data is increasingly recognized as the most valuable asset in the digital economy. Current best practices for solving this challenge rely on a cumbersome process of copying and moving data between on-prem storage and multiple public clouds. The data management, governance, security, and compliance challenges associated with managing numerous copies of data results in complexity, runaway storage costs, and unpredictable egress and transfer charges.


If you’re tired of paying a lot of money to access data you don’t fully trust, we can help.

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Faction Multi-Cloud Data Services Deliver Data-Driven Transformation

With Faction, you never move your data. Instead, we present a single copy of your synchronized data to your chosen apps and services in multiple clouds simultaneously. We help you build a data-first architecture, so you never have to replicate or migrate data again, meaning you can really trust the quality of your data, which saves both time and money.

All the intel you need to stay one step ahead in the cloud.

Get the latest on multi-cloud and Faction by reading our insights on the subject.

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Leverage the full power of your data.

Faction’s trusted and full-proof cloud data strategy will set you up for success, leverage your business, and improve your bottom line. Learn what Faction’s CCV and VMWare Private Cloud products can do for your business.

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