Multi-Cloud Data Services enabled by Faction

Faction enables Multi-Cloud Data Services with Dell Technologies.

Faction and Dell have partnered to create Multi-Cloud Data Services, a powerful enterprise-grade platform for multi-cloud data management, data protection, and more.

How Faction works with Dell

We’ve combined our proprietary multi-cloud Faction Internetwork eXchange (FIX) and management platform with Dell Technologies’ storage portfolio. Our joint solutions are ideal for securely moving or deploying demanding, data-intensive applications in the cloud. Multi-Cloud Data Services enabled by Faction supports Big Data and analytics, test and development, and video streaming, or helps problem-solve unstructured data in verticals like genomics, financial analytics, healthcare, and more.
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A multi-cloud data strategy is your key to competing in a data-driven market.

Multi-cloud storage

Connect your environments running on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or Oracle cloud directly to a Dell storage appliance. Faction facilitates this via our FIX fabric, providing low-latency, high-throughput access to your data and applications stored on storage powered by Dell.

Data Protection in the Cloud

Replicate from your on-premises Dell storage appliance directly to a Faction cloud node in close proximity to all major cloud providers. Once replicated, you can seamlessly connect your data to multi-cloud using Faction’s connectivity solutions.

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Cyber Recovery

Safeguard your critical data from cyber-attacks with a secure data vaulting service that includes a logically air-gapped PowerProtect vault connected to the multi-cloud via FIX. When data recovery is required, you can choose to restore your data from your vault to AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, or back to your on-prem environment.

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Disaster Recovery with Superna Eyeglass

Using Superna, integrate with PowerScale to efficiently copy and orchestrate user and environmental data to a Faction cloud node for disaster recovery. Enable a full disaster recovery workflow to manage failover of on-prem workloads into public clouds.

Together, Faction and Dell solve problems across industries.

Genomics & life sciences

Accelerate time-to-insight for clinical genomic sequencing, drug design, and cancer research.

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Seismic processing & analysis

Leverage AI tools to radically improve reserves detection from satellite images, geospatial data, and seismic surveys.

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Predictive financial analytics

Use the top capabilities from each cloud to mine and analyze the petabytes of social feeds, news, and stock data that influence markets.

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Video and media processing

Collaborate on huge video and animation files using powerful GPUs and best-in-breed tools from all clouds.

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Autonomous driving & connected cars

Rapidly analyze, recalculate, and release AV data models to inform car behavior and avoid accidents.

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Healthcare data services

Leverage multi-cloud for PACS analysis, secure EMR storage, and managing HIPAA-compliant PHI and PII.

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Hadoop Big Data analytics

Overcome the challenges of data gravity and cloud lock-in, while analyzing large volumes of data faster at a lower cost.

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Supported Dell storage platforms

  • PowerStore

  • PowerScale

  • PowerMax

  • PowerProtect

  • Unity

  • ObjectScale







The PowerStore family eliminates traditional tradeoffs in performance, scalability, and storage efficiency, with a data-centric, intelligent, and adaptable infrastructure. PowerStore helps you transform and mobilize both traditional and modern workloads.
Store, manage, and protect unstructured data with efficiency and massive scalability. Dell PowerScale (previously Isilon) is the industry’s number one family of scale-out, network-attached storage systems, designed for the most demanding, unstructured data workloads. Choose from all-flash, hybrid, and archive platforms.
Dell PowerMax offers 15M IOPS, 350 GBps throughput, and real-time machine learning. It’s designed with resiliency for dense, mixed-workload consolidation, and as the world’s fastest storage array, it has the power to handle next-gen, low-latency applications. With massive scalability and rich data services, PowerMax is capable of powering the mission-critical applications of today and tomorrow.
With flexibility and agility at its core, the multi-dimensional Dell data protection appliance portfolio enables you to meet future demands through scale-up and scale-out architectures. Reduce your risk of data loss and leverage the value of protected data, while meeting ever more demanding SLAs and increasing ROI.
Dell Unity’s All-Flash and Hybrid Flash unified storage platforms optimize SSD performance and efficiency, with fully integrated SAN and NAS capabilities. Cloud-based storage analytics and proactive support keep you available and connected.
ObjectScale is Dell's leading object-storage platform. ObjectScale is an enterprise-ready platform that enables organizations to simplify object storage management, visualize information in new ways, and empower the business to do more with data, all at a lower total-cost-of-ownership.

How Faction fits in

Faction helps you easily extend to the multi-cloud for File or Block-based workloads by replicating on-premises PowerStore arrays to Faction’s cloud-adjacent locations, attaching your data to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Oracle Cloud platforms. You get to access multiple clouds without losing existing investments in on-premises hardware.
Faction transforms your PowerScale or Isilon investment into a multi-cloud-ready data footprint. Use PowerScale to replicate your data to Faction’s data center, where it can connect to multiple public clouds over high-speed, low-latency connections.
Faction helps you extend your PowerMax investment directly to the public cloud. Gain the ability to leverage array-based replication to move data to a PowerMax-powered Cloud Control Volume. This allows you to attach your PowerMax data to public cloud systems over high-speed, low-latency connectivity, with the added assurance of a secondary copy.
Faction offers a multi-cloud-connected PowerProtect that allows you to protect on-premises data with native PowerProtect replication to our cloud locations. You can also leverage the same solution to protect cloud resources running in clouds like AWS, Google, Azure, and Oracle with up to 50x data deduplication, and zero egress fees from Azure and Oracle Cloud.
Faction provides an easy way to extend your Unity investment to the cloud. Replicate your existing LUNs and implement both source and destination snapshot schedules for added protection.
Faction provides you with an all-in price per Terabyte (TB), with no additional data access fees. Utilize cross-region replication to replicate existing on-premises or collocated ObjectScale or ECS systems to Faction for increased redundancy without large capital outlays. Policy-based automated tiering allows you to seamlessly integrate existing Isilon deployments with Dell ObjectScale or ECS also provides additional storage efficiencies.
Faction’s technology resolves potential network conflicts, especially when [multiple cloud services providers] are accessing the same data files.


Solve complex business and data problems with Faction.

Faction partners with Dell to help organizations build out and execute winning strategies for enterprise architecture via proprietary multi-cloud methodologies and technology.

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