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Cloud Healthcare Data Storage

Cloud healthcare data services

Rapidly analyze critical healthcare data in one central and secure location.

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Public clouds offer healthcare providers scalable, flexible data storage. But without the proper foundation and plan, adopting multiple public clouds can add management overhead and security headaches for your IT department. Instead of relying solely on public clouds, healthcare providers can combine public and private clouds to create a “hybrid” cloud. This enables you to store your data within a private cloud and utilize public clouds for scalability. And, in a multi-cloud environment, you can use one cloud for disaster recovery, another for processing PACS data, and a third for backups.

With Dell Technologies Cloud Storage for Multi-Cloud, remote sites like hospitals and healthcare facilities can send data via array-based replication to a data lake in Faction’s cloud-adjacent facility. File-based data is presented to all clouds simultaneously via CIFS (a widely used, industry-standard file protocol). Cloud healthcare data can then be analyzed using cloud analytic services and compute instances across multiple clouds.

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In this video, Sentara shares how they drive better patient outcomes. Sentara is a not-for-profit system that includes 12 hospitals in Virginia and Northeastern North Carolina, including a Level I trauma center, the Sentara Heart Hospital and the Sentara Healthcare Cardiovascular Research Institute, the Sentara Brock Cancer Center and the accredited Sentara Cancer Network, two orthopedic hospitals, and the Sentara Neurosciences Institute.

Faction’s service and patented network technology enable the Dell solution that Sentara uses to achieve these goals.

Value for healthcare providers


Improve quality of patient care

Hybrid and multi-cloud data strategies allow geographically dispersed specialists to safely collaborate and access the same datasets with on-demand, scalable cloud compute resources. This reduces unnecessary delays and facilitates faster, high-quality patient care.

Deliver faster diagnoses

Hospitals can store and organize Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) data in one centralized location, accessible by all clouds simultaneously. Medical care teams can then analyze medical images with innovative, cutting-edge AI tools and reach life-saving diagnoses faster.

Boost compliance

Maintaining ownership of data improves regulatory compliance and protects IP, especially as it pertains to personal identifying information (PII), protected health information (PHI), and regulated medical and personal records.

Reduce data archiving costs

As patients live longer and gain access to a greater range of diagnostic tools, the volume of patient data grows. Hybrid and multi-cloud data solutions allow you to scale cloud storage for long-term record retention and restore data on-premises as needed.

Eliminate data center overhead

Running applications in the cloud frees up internal resources and reduces the capital investment required to build out hardware and software in a traditional data center.

How It Works

How it works

Data is created within remote locations like hospitals or other healthcare facilities (e.g. PACS data from medical imaging technologies like XRay or MRIs).

PACS data is stored on the Faction Data Lake and connected to the cloud via Faction’s low latency, high throughput connectivity (Faction Internetwork Exchange).

The multi-cloud nature of the service allows for services and applications from all hyperscale providers to be used for accessing and processing the data at the same time.

Analytical tools across multiple clouds can be leveraged simultaneously to analyze a single data source without limiting choice to a single cloud provider.

Technical Benefits

Analyze a single data source using analytical tools across multiple clouds simultaneously.
Reduce sprawl and cost with a single copy of data.
Avoid egress fees by storing data outside of the cloud.

Solve complex business and data problems with Faction.

Faction partners with Dell to help organizations build out and execute winning strategies for enterprise architecture via proprietary multi-cloud methodologies and technology.

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