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Predictive Financial Data Analytics

Predictive financial data analytics

Combine global data sources to predict and respond rapidly to financial market movements.

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To predict market movements, financial institutions require fast access to petabytes of structured and unstructured data (tweets, social feeds, news, stock market insights, etc.). Due to cloud storage and data access costs, this volume of data is often housed on-premise or in a hosted data lake. But while these storage solutions can be lower cost, they’re often associated with higher latency connectivity that can hinder or even obstruct critical analytics.

Dell Technologies Cloud Storage for Multi-Cloud, powered by Faction, offers a lower cost, fast access solution for institutions wanting to leverage sophisticated cloud-based tools for predictive financial data analytics. Data is generated by in-house applications and third-party data sources and combined in a single data lake. Data can be accessed by multiple clouds simultaneously, enabling advanced analytics and expedited results.

Value for financial institutions

Accelerate time to insight

Leverage powerful and scalable unstructured data systems to guide decisions that drive business and financial growth.

Centralize data with high-speed access

Take advantage of low latency, high-speed connectivity, and access data from multiple clouds simultaneously using one central data lake.

Deliver flexible tools to dev teams

Use preferred and familiar analytics and AI tools from any cloud provider to speed up time to value without additional training.

Mitigate risks

Improve the capacity, resiliency, and redundancy of data stored and accessed in the cloud.

How It Works

How it works

Structured data is ingested into the Faction data lake via array-based replication from on-premises or 3rd party locations.

Data can be combined in a central location with unstructured data from sources like social media or news feeds.

Data is accessible by multiple clouds at the same time via Faction’s patented layer 2 technology, delivering low latency high throughput connectivity.

Leverage a diverse set of AI/ML services across your cloud of choice to analyze data, make financial predictions, or drive financial decisions.

Characteristics of Data Warehouses

Quickly scale compute to run analytical workloads
Access multiple clouds simultaneously
No impact to production when running analytics
Fast and efficient array replication to move data sets
Only pay for what you need

Solve complex business and data problems with Faction.

Faction partners with Dell to help organizations build out and execute winning strategies for enterprise architecture via proprietary multi-cloud methodologies and technology.

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