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Seismic Data Management in the Cloud

Seismic data management, processing, and analysis

Leverage AI and centralized cloud data with Dell and Faction to accelerate drilling operations.

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Satellite images, geospatial data, and seismic surveys are used to increase the effectiveness of drilling operations in the energy sector. These surveys can create an enormous volume of data as companies continue to identify and explore new oil-rich reserves.

With Dell Technologies Cloud Storage, you can use advanced AI tools to analyze datasets across multiple clouds and drastically improve the process of new reserve discovery and seismic data management. Industry-standard protocols like NFS, SMB, HTTP, FTP, and Hadoop HDFS provide an efficient and flexible shared petrotechnical storage infrastructure (a scale-out data lake) that can support a wide range of applications and analytics methods.

Value for the energy sector

Accelerate exploration

Use best-of-breed tools across all cloud providers to accelerate the identification of oil-rich reserves, reduce exploration costs, and drive revenue growth.

Reduce data complexity

Store geospatial survey images in a central data lake to provide AI and machine learning with the “training data” needed to learn and recognize patterns in data.

Improve operational efficiency

Leverage innovative cloud-based analytics and AI tools of multiple hyperscale cloud providers to achieve better results faster than would be possible with a single cloud provider.

How It Works

How it works

Satellite images, geospatial data, and seismic surveys are captured through various methods and stored in a central data repository.

Data is stored in a Scale-Out NAS that can grow to petabyte scale. The data lake is connected to all major hyperscale cloud providers.

Data is accessible by multiple clouds at the same via Faction’s patented layer 2 technology, delivering low latency high throughput connectivity.

Leverage a diverse set of AI/ML services across your cloud of choice. For example, image classification can be used to identify reserves within the satellite imagery stored on Faction.

Characteristics of Data Warehouses

3-D and 4-D modeling in the cloud
High-performance storage tiers enable rapid analytics processing
Cost-effective archival storage tiers provide an optimal solution for long-term data storage
Cloud-based disaster recovery solutions recover business-critical workloads with little to no downtime

Solve complex business and data problems with Faction.

Faction partners with Dell to help organizations build out and execute winning strategies for enterprise architecture via proprietary multi-cloud methodologies and technology.

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