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Cloud Storage for Video Files

Cloud storage for video files and media processing

Scale modern media pipelines with parallel processing and automation, made possible by Dell EMC and Faction Cloud Control Volumes.

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As media technology continues to evolve and achieve higher resolutions, file sizes have become larger than ever. The bandwidth and computing power required to share and process these media files can quickly exceed what is possible on-premises and cause production teams to look to cloud technology.

Faction Cloud Control Volumes (CCV) provide a centralized repository for giant media files. Studios can then take advantage of the benefits of multi-cloud to use cutting-edge tools from multiple hyperscale cloud providers simultaneously over low latency, high throughput links.

Value for video and media teams

Accelerate production time

Store giant media libraries at higher resolutions in CCV cloud adjacent storage to seamlessly share, access, and collaborate across studios and reduce overall production time.

Maintain agile workflows

Cloud providers are continually advancing GPU (graphics processing unit) performance. Multi-cloud enables teams to change providers at a moment’s notice without costly, time-consuming file migration.

Reduce complexity

Centralized cloud-adjacent media storage eliminates the need for file duplication across teams and clouds. Cloud storage for video files reduces complexity, improves efficiency, and maintains version control.

How It Works

How it works

Video and media files are created on-premises in studios or post-production facilities, and content is shared throughout the editing process as projects progress.

Media files are stored on the Faction Data Lake and connected to the cloud via Faction’s low latency, high throughput connectivity (Faction Internetwork Exchange).

The multi-cloud nature of the service allows for services and applications from all hyperscale providers to be used for accessing and processing the data at the same time.

Cloud services and cloud-based instances, including GPUs (Graphical Processing Units), can be used for central processing of media data stored in the Faction data service.

Characteristics of Data Warehouses

Cloud-adjacent storage can store large media libraries at higher resolutions, while low latency and proximity to major clouds improves throughput.
Production studios can access high-performance GPUs in preferred clouds to collaborate using the best tools for the task.
Powerful cloud-based CPUs can handle the compute-intensive work of final renders and reduce the need for expensive local machines.
Public clouds support video editorial workflows and enable dispersed video teams to work together in sync.
Cloud services like AI and machine learning can be used to analyze the data warehouse and drive actionable insights.

Solve complex business and data problems with Faction.

Faction partners with Dell to help organizations build out and execute winning strategies for enterprise architecture via proprietary multi-cloud methodologies and technology.

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