It’s been a banner year for Faction.  With our rebrand from Peak to Faction, our company had a unique opportunity to further highlight our core belief that there IS a better way to deliver cloud services.  Under our new name, Faction provides cloud the way our customers want it – as opposed to a one size fits all methodology – equipping businesses with deep access and control, fully customizable solutions, and extreme performance.

The new brand overhaul included the launch of a variety of new tools and resources geared to enabling Faction channel partners to resell cloud quickly and easily, as well as:

·       Extensive market research

·       New website, design, and messaging

·       Creation of all new product collateral and assets

All of this was made possible by a very hands-on, dedicated team of people. It’s with great pleasure that we give special kudos to our very own, Laurel Burton, who was recognized last week on the CRN 2015 Women of the Channel list. As VP of Marketing, Laurel has been laser-focused on Faction’s channel enablement and spearheading our new messaging and rebranding efforts.

Laurel spent countless hours interviewing partners, clients and end-users to determine not only what the new name should be, but also what makes Faction different and how the company can ensure it continues to push innovation and provide services that partners and end-users want. In addition to the rebrand came an overhaul and relaunch of Faction’s cloud product portfolio, include Cloud building Blocs, the Faction Marketplace, and its Advanced Solutions Group, a hard-working team of expert engineers ready to tackle any out-of-the-box challenge that comes their way.

Laurel’s deep understanding of the company’s potential and her keen knowledge of the industry led to an extremely successful launch. As the VP of Marketing, Laurel ensures that Faction’s ability to innovate and constantly improve its products is top of mind.

Taking an existing company and changing its position in the marketplace is no easy feat, but Laurel accomplished this in a few short months. Now, Laurel, along with an entire team of very talented individuals, Faction is growing faster than ever, and its new product portfolio is revolutionizing the cloud industry.

In Laurel’s own words: “Passion drives creativity and ultimate happiness, and I am certainly passionate about what I do. In order to be successful and truly shine in the workplace, you must work hard but also enjoy what you are doing. Energy is palpable, and bringing that to the table everyday is necessary for success. The technology industry can be a boy’s club, but that is rapidly changing, and women are becoming key players in industry growth. Your greatest strength comes from within, so don’t be afraid to take charge and empower yourself!”

Congrats to Laurel for giving your all – everyday!