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Jahna Yamagishi

Sr. Director of Client Experience & Support Operations View LinkedIn Profile

Jahna is a dynamic and seasoned leader renowned for her unwavering dedication to driving customer-centric strategies that yield measurable and impactful results. Her unparalleled success in cultivating high-performance teams across diverse industries has been a cornerstone of her career, consistently propelling exponential growth while maintaining an unparalleled standard of customer satisfaction and revenue optimization.

Jahna’s exceptional leadership acumen is at the heart of her capabilities, extending from streamlining technical service centers to seamlessly implementing client success programs. Her teams consistently exceed expectations with excellent Net Promoter Scores and exceptional renewal rates.

Beyond her professional achievements, Jahna has dedicated numerous years to community involvement. Her contributions include actively raising funds for educators, teaching job interview skills at homeless shelters, and mentoring young members of the community in sports and literacy activities such as soccer, cross country, and the Junior Great Books reading program.

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