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Cloud Control Volumes for AWS

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AWS has been offering infrastructure as a service since 2008 and currently holds the largest market share of the hyperscale cloud providers. AWS offers an impressive collection of services across analytics, compute, storage, database, and developer tools. Access these AWS-native services with ultra-low latency connections while maintaining control over your data with Faction Cloud Control Volumes.


  • Scale up without adding complexity

    Enjoy cloud-attached storage that scales as your applications require, without the need to add costly compute nodes.

  • Flexible performance tiering

    Storage performance tiers allow you to optimize your storage design, matching access frequency and throughput capabilities to your specific workloads, while reducing costs to store less frequently accessed data.

  • Decrease risk with durable and persistent storage

    Faction storage is persistent, unlike many of your other options. Most public clouds leverage hyper-converged infrastructure, so if a software-defined data center is shut down, all data is lost as the node is deleted. You can avoid that scenario with Faction cloud storage.

Use Cases

  • Big Data

    As your data grows it becomes more valuable to your business. Public clouds offer AI and machine learning capabilities to process, manipulate, and analyze your data to create competitive advantages.

  • Multi-Cloud Storage

    Avoid vendor lock-in, support high-availability architectures, and leverage different clouds that best meet business use cases.

  • Multi-Cloud Resilience

    Plan and provide your business with more options to restore operations in the event one cloud provider experiences an outage.

  • Data Center Extension

    Add compute power and capacity. Comply with data sovereignty requirements. Reduce costs by vacating an existing data center.

Take control of your cloud data.

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