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Our hosted VMware private cloud provides the control and governance you are used to with VMware on-premises, along with available capacity to grow as your business expands. Expand your private cloud compute and storage resources by leveraging OpEx vs CapEx as Faction supplies the datacenter space, network connectivity, and datacenter operations.

Faction Private Cloud deployments are fully customized and configurable cloud solutions based on a simple building block approach. Our hosted VMware private cloud solution outperforms on-premises workloads and connects to everywhere you need.


  • Cost savings

    You don’t need to deploy new gear in your datacenter in order to gain the benefits of a private cloud. Exchange CapEx for a monthly bill, saving on upfront costs and reducing ordering and deployment times.

  • Maintain control

    Faction does not limit admin access to VMware vCenters hosted in our datacenters. You can maintain control over your environment and leverage existing VMware tools like vRealize Operations Manager for environment insights.

  • Trusted business resilience

    Utilize VMware Site Recovery Manager, a proven disaster recovery solution, to replicate on-premises. We provide the managed services you need in case of a disaster event.

  • Avoid cloud complexity

    Public cloud is great for many uses cases, but VMware is proven to run legacy applications better than any other virtualization platform. Leverage our hosted private cloud with familiar tools without the need to hire and retain expensive public cloud talent.

Use Cases

  • Datacenter extension

    Now you can expand capacity from on-premises to a VMware-based hosted private cloud, maintain control with vCenter access to your environment, and scale up as you need to increase capacity.

  • Disaster recovery

    Replicate to Faction using existing tools such as VMware Site Recovery Manager to a Faction-hosted private cloud environment. VMware tools help you automate disaster recovery workflows to reduce human errors during a high-pressure disaster situation.

  • Virtual desktop

    The VMware stack running on Faction private cloud provides a stable and proven platform to run leading virtual desktop infrastructure solutions like VMware Horizon View and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops.

  • Offsite backup

    Leverage our hosted private cloud as an expandable, low-cost storage target for your critical data and applications, and enable replication using familiar VMware technologies.

  • Datacenter migrations

    Trying to get out of the datacenter business? Not all applications are ready for public cloud. Migrate to a hosted private cloud on a familiar VMware technology stack to reduce migration risks and application compatibility issues.

Faction Bloc Hosted Private Cloud

Every Faction Cloud environment starts with these core features:

  • Administrator-level VMware vCenter access for the same control as an on-premises cloud
  • Hybrid and multi-cloud-ready with Faction Internetwork Exchange Connectivity
  • Integration options for third-party tools used for monitoring, data management, automation, and more
  • Full visibility into your environment with the vRealize Operations Manager performance portal to see each host and virtual machine in detail
  • Starting capacity of 50GB RAM, 10GHz CPU, 1TB of flash-enhanced storage, 1000 IOPs, and 10Mbp/s of internet
  • Separate scalability for each resource type in units of 5GB RAM, 1GHz CPU, and 1TB
  • Extensive storage capacity
  • 500 IOPS of storage performance
  • 10Mbps internet bandwidth
  • A flat, predictable cost structure with no unexpected fees
  • The power and security of NSX in every Faction Cloud for fast and flexible networking
  • The option to connect your Faction Cloud privately and securely to Faction Bare Metal, on-premise datacenters, Metro colocation providers, and public clouds like AWS, Azure, Google, and Bluemix
  • A 100 percent availability service-level agreement
  • A foundation for every Faction Cloud deployment
  • Options to configure your Bloc(s) with additional resources and services to make your Cloud the perfect fit
  • Additional Blocs available in separate Faction locations for primary and secondary sites

Each environment includes

  • 50 GB RAM and 10 GHz CPU
  • 1TB flash-enhanced production storage
  • vRealize operations monitoring/performance portal
  • 1000 IOPs
  • 10 Mbps network
  • 60 Gbps denial of service protection
  • Hybrid and multi-cloud ready with fix connectivity
  • Full vCenter access
  • Unlimited NSX firewall, load balancer, and VPN appliances
  • 99.99% availability SLA

Available Locations

  • Atlanta, GA
  • Chicago, IL
  • Denver, CO
  • New Jersey/New York City
  • Portland, OR
  • Reston, VA
  • Santa Clara, CA
  • London, England

Additional Resources

  • Processing Unit: 5 GB RAM and 1 GHz CPU
  • Reserved Processing Unit: 5 GB RAM and 1 GHz CPU
  • Storage Unit: 1 TB Storage
  • IO Unit: 500 IOPs
  • Reserved IO Unit: 500 IOPs
  • Network Unit: 10 Mbps of Internet


Reservation Models:

Reserve, compute, and storage for disaster recovery and bursting workloads.

FIX Connection:

Add a private, secure, high-performance virtual circuit to AWS, Azure, or Google Compute, and connect to your colocation at CoreSite, Digital Realty, CyrusOne, and more.

Take control of your cloud data.

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