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3 Steps to Improve Data Resilience

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Data resilience is a strategic imperative. It represents an organization’s ability to not only protect its data, but also recover it in the event of a data breach or other event leading to data loss or corruption. By investing in data resilience, organizations are investing in safeguarding their business, ensuring business continuity, reducing unnecessary financial implications due to a data breach, and protecting the organization’s reputation and future growth.     

So if the goal is to become more resilient, how can you get there? Here are three proven steps to elevate your organization’s data resilience. 

Step 1: Assess the risk landscape 

You can’t protect what you can’t see. By assessing the risk landscape of your organization, you’ll gain visibility into potential threats and risk points. Threats to your data and operations can come from both internal and external sources. 

Often, the first place people look for threats to their data security is outside of their organization. Cyber criminals have a sordid reputation for seeking out and taking advantage of weaknesses within an organization. Their tactics are sophisticated and their persistence is unwavering. To put this in perspective: 

And beyond external threats, organizations must be aware of insider threats as well. According to Verizon’s 2024 Data Breach Investigations Report, 74% of data breaches “involved the human element, which includes social engineering attacks, errors, or misuse.” Another report indicated that a single insider-driven attack could cost upwards of $15 million, and that there has been a 28% monthly increase in “insider-driven data exposure, loss, leak, and theft events.” 

These are just a few data points that point to a growing need for increased data protection. By understanding the potential vulnerabilities within your organization, you’ll be in a better position to build data resilience. 

Step 2: Enhance Data Protection 

Now that you have better visibility and understanding of your risk landscape, the next step is to enhance your data protection strategy. This can include myriad tools and strategies, including internal security training, password management, multi-factor authentication protocols, and more. But for the purpose of this discussion, we will focus on protecting your data through a multi-cloud cyber vault. 

Protecting high-value, high-risk data across a distributed hybrid or multi-cloud application footprint, and ensuring uninterrupted access and application continuity is not only daunting, it presents unique challenges. Faction’s Multi-Cloud Cyber Vault offers powerful simplicity to this growing challenge. With it, you’ll gain: 

  • Physical isolation of your data within the vault environment via off-prem, off-cloud infrastructure
  • Air-gapped and immutable copies with timed backups
  • Access to CyberSense software paired with Dell PowerProtect hardware 
  • Dynamic, API-driven allocation of network connectivity between your vault and multiple public clouds so that you can adapt your vault to your ever-changing application footprint
  • Automated scans of backup data and automated notifications of suspicious activity with 99.5% accuracy 

You don’t just need a backup of your data, you need a true data vault that enables you to maintain a pristine copy of your data, fully protected from any threats to your production environments. 

Step 3: Ensure Data Recovery 

The final step to improving your data resilience is to ensure you have a solid data recovery strategy and technology solution. No business wants to be in a situation where they need to recover their data, but it’s much worse when they can’t. 

Ransomware attacks will no longer hold your data, your business, or your money hostage. With a Faction Multi-Cloud Cyber Vault, you’ll be able to tap into your protected data backup and recover quickly to one cloud or multiple clouds and/or on-premises environments. In short, you’ll be in control of your data. 

Data Resilience Amplified with Faction

Data resilience is a competitive advantage in today’s business environment. As we have seen over the past several years, cyber attacks continue to gain momentum in frequency and sophistication. The rise of generative AI has only compounded the issue, offering new opportunities for cybercriminals to penetrate organizations. 

While we can’t eliminate all threats (as much as we wish we could!), we can provide a data protection and recovery solution that will help your team increase data resilience and support long-term growth. Faction’s Multi-Cloud Cyber Vault enables vaulting of data from multiple public clouds and on-premises environments and facilitates recovery to one or more public clouds. It’s that simple … and that powerful. 

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