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Cloud adoption is critical for business success.

Enterprises deploying cloud-native applications regularly see higher productivity, more collaboration and innovation, and lower costs than if applications remained on-premises.

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If it’s not already, cloud adoption should be a top priority.

What is cloud adoption?

In simple terms, cloud adoption is the process of migrating your data and applications from on-premises storage to cloud storage or building cloud-native applications on single or multi-cloud platforms. And, while it can be a costly, time-consuming process, the benefits you experience in the cloud far outweigh the challenges of getting there.

Cloud adoption benefits your entire organization

Modernizes applications

Reduces costs

Creates new business models

Enables app and tool integration

Increases team productivity and scalability

Consolidates data centers

Four common approaches to
cloud adoption


A lift-and-shift approach takes your existing systems and migrates them directly to a cloud, largely as-is. This is the simplest strategy, but unless your on-premises storage costs are disproportionately high (e.g. high operating costs for small single-tenant data centers), you may not achieve long-term savings. Cloud storage, network, backup, remote access, and other features can quickly add up after migration.

Cloud lift-and-extend

This approach shifts only select applications to the cloud (often public), where they can then be modernized with cloud-native strategies. When considering the lift-and-extend approach, it’s important to understand exactly how all of your applications need to integrate with each other and whether shifting one or more to the cloud will disrupt operations.

Hybrid extension

Some organizations opt to simply extend their reach into the cloud. Organizations who choose this approach may already have hosted private cloud, managed hosting, or collocation, and opt to do much of their net-new development in a public cloud while maintaining partial existing applications in place.

Full rebuild / Cloud-native infrastructure

This approach is often most appropriate for organizations that are heavily focused on deep consumption of cloud-specific platform options. It is the most costly and time-consuming cloud adoption approach, but these costs are typically justified by the improved performance, global scalability, efficiency, and flexibility of their applications in the cloud.

Faction helps simplify cloud adoption.

As industry-leaders in cloud adoption and multi-cloud architecture, we have the expertise and technology you need to move to the cloud with confidence.

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