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Ignite Business Growth with a Multi-Cloud Data Services Platform

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Data is the most valuable asset of enterprises, and especially digital enterprises. Businesses are driven by their data, whether it’s traditional business intelligence data such as sales and production forecasts, or modern data sources such as Internet of Things (IoT) devices, web logs or social media sentiment analysis. In recent years, this central role played by data led to massive growth in the data that organizations collect and store. However, despite collecting ever-increasing volumes of data, many organizations face challenges extracting value from their data, due to both technical and organizational reasons. The challenges will only grow as the pace of data creation accelerates. Businesses struggle to close the gap between the value that their data can deliver and the limitations of their legacy infrastructure. 

The Fuel of the Digital Economy

More than two-thirds of corporate data remains unused by enterprises, creating a knowledge gap between collected and analyzed data. Frequently, data is stored in isolated data sources such as relational database tables, which require an extract, transform, and load (ETL) process to convert that data into a good format for reporting.

Growing Data Volumes

As organizations collect data from more sources, and business processes of all kinds become more instrumented with sensors and computers, along with the nearly limitless storage provided by cloud providers, data volumes have increased exponentially in recent years.

The concept of data concentration and attraction is known as “data gravity.” As datasets grow larger, moving them becomes harder, so more and more applications and compute power are deployed closer to that data.

Furthermore, siloed apps and data reduce information visibility with the organization and complicates access to necessary resources by users. Data sprawl can also pose security and operational risks, because as data spreads across disparate systems it creates a larger attack surface and administrators can easily miss important tasks such as backups for critical systems.

Managing Data Security

In the modern digital world with its pervasiveness of ransomware, data security is always an ever-present and increasing challenge. Ensuring that your data is protected is more important than ever. Attacks on all major business sectors have increased dramatically and are becoming progressively more costly and dangerous. The average total cost of a data breach increased from $2.86 million in 2020, to $4.35 million in 2021. The United States is the primary target for attacks that are arriving at the rate of 11 per second. Furthermore, ransomware has grown into a form or organized crime with a franchise business model that heightens the threats to businesses across the globe.

Delivering Business Value from Data 

While securing and managing your data is important, the ultimate goal is to deliver real business value from your data. Whether the goal is to figure out strategies for increased sales or to better optimize marketing campaigns, helping business users make better decisions is the purpose of collecting data. Unfortunately, despite the importance of delivering value from data, many organizations struggle in the journey from data collection to the end goal of streamlined business intelligence.

Ignite Business Growth with Faction Cloud

Building and implementing a data strategy on your own can face several technical challenges. One of the biggest is just getting all your data sources talking over the network. Another is managing security for all your users. Faction Multi-Cloud Data Services offers a number of solutions to help you overcome these challenges.

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Faction offers simplicity with one copy of your data set, a single IP address to connect cloud users to your data, and one network namespace. This allows for easy access by every authorized user, providing dynamic networking connections simultaneously to several clouds. Faction’s connections are built upon the native direct connections to each major cloud, including Amazon AWS Direct Connect and Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute. The Faction Internetwork eXchange (FIX), a software-defined networking fabric, facilitates this easy, efficient, and secure cross-cloud networking. 

Faction’s Value Proposition

One of the benefits of using public clouds is the ability to take advantage of the native and third-party data and business analytics solutions at each cloud provider, while maintaining a single source of data. This consolidation reduces your overall storage capacity because you aren’t duplicating data sets, with much lower data management overhead. This simplified data infrastructure provides better enterprise-wide data visibility—because there’s only one place to go for data.

Why Work with Faction?

If you’re dependent on a single cloud service provider, you’re missing out on the valuable business advantages of multi-clouds. If your data is spread across multiple clouds and in silos across your organization, you’re missing the complete picture that your data is painting. Faction can accelerate your organization’s success by helping you adopt a competitive multi-cloud data strategy that’s agile, scalable, secure and delivers lower TCO and higher business value.

Faction Multi-Cloud Data Services can reduce the complexity of your multi-cloud data deployments, optimize your multi-cloud operations, and enable you to derive more value and insight from your data faster. To learn more, view a short explainer video, or book a demo.

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