At Faction, we hate to see our friends in trouble, and DirectBuy was in serious need of some business modernization. The company’s legacy systems were out of date, costly and out of compliance. Its website, which is where a majority of DirectBuy’s business lives, was slow and desperately required newer and more flexible systems in place.

DirectBuy needed a robust, flexible and secure infrastructure, and they needed it fast.

Moving to the cloud is not always easy. In fact, many are fearful of security issues and technical feasibility. Customer data security and storage, along with business continuity are (and should be) major concerns. Seamless onboarding to the cloud is a challenge, and it was one that DirectBuy was weary of accepting, but, after lots of market research, meetings and cost-analysis, the company found its solution.

With help from Faction, Komodo and Arrow ECS, the company decided to implement a comprehensive migration of its IT infrastructure to a cloud environment. This solution proved to be a wise choice, with it’s 40%+ reduction in annual operating costs and the avoidance of $4 Million expenditure in refreshing legacy systems.

Can you say dream team?

Just like any great partnership, each company brought a lot of value to the table. Faction provided that “new school” way of thinking, along with our state-of-the-art technology and expertise. Komodo provided service customization and created an onboarding solution that addressed each one of DirectBuy’s needs. Finally, Arrow served as the Fortune 100 distributor and provided the essential financial backing necessary for this type of migration.

Not to brag, but the process was seamless. Each entity had a strong and deep understanding of DirectBuy’s needs and all applications were fully operational, with minimal disruption to continuity, within 90 days. The best part? Everything was on time and on budget.

By white labeling the Faction cloud, Komodo was able to provide DirectBuy with a resilient IaaS platform. Plus, our patented Direct Connect Layer 2 technology served as a dedicated and private connection.

It is safe to say that DirectBuy is more than happy with the results. DirectBuy’s website, which is the portal to many customer interactions, now has enhanced speed and function, improving the overall client experience. Internally, DirectBuy was able to reduce its IT headcount and in-house delivery and business was improved drastically. With a simplified and standardized IT infrastructure, DirectBuy was also able to reduce its IT budget and improve staff productivity.

Migrating to the cloud isn’t always easy, but with a little help from Faction and our friends, the process will be painless.