Investing in cloud infrastructure is becoming more popular, with recent headlines demonstrating enterprises, small businesses and medium-sized entities alike are planning to move data and applications to managed virtual environments. This surge in popularity is a clear indication that companies are using these kinds of computing architectures to enhance business processes and improve overall functionality within their IT departments.

Data surge a clear indicator of cloud success

The growing dependence on cloud deployments is expected to contribute to a massive leap in data usage across the tech industry. A recent study from Cisco indicated that traffic in the cloud will more than quadruple from 2.1 zettabytes in 2014 to 8.6 zettabyes in 2019, Forbes reported. In addition, cloud traffic will account for 83 percent of total data center traffic by 2019.

The surge in cloud traffic is partly due to the Internet of Things.The increase in cloud traffic is partly because of the Internet of Things.

The surge in cloud traffic, according to the Cisco report, will be partly due to the steady growth of the Internet of Things and the data that smart sensors will bring to the table. In fact, data from IoT devices will reach 507.5 zettabytes in 2019 – a marked increase from the 134.5 zettabytes seen in 2014. With this projected increase in data, it’s clear that businesses will be improving their virtualized IT capabilities by investing in cloud-based tools and applications.

Cloud drivers and adoption

Cloud adoption is driven by many factors, and according to a 2015 report from the Cloud Security Alliance, it’s changing the relationship that businesses and their employees have with technology. Workers are becoming ever more empowered to utilize cloud applications to enhance their job performance and undertake collaborative projects that wouldn’t have been possible before the rise of the cloud.

“The cloud is clearly here to stay.”

Around the world, cloud adoption is accelerating. According to CloudTech contributor Jennifer Brenner, the rate at which businesses are migrating their IT capabilities to the cloud is happening even faster than industry analysts had predicted. In fact, Brenner noted, the Cloud Industry Forum reported that cloud adoption in the U.K. is at an astounding 84 percent, with 78 percent of these companies having deployed two or more cloud-based services.

Industry health

What does all this mean for the cloud industry as a whole? As predicted, adoption rates continue to increase at ever greater speeds – and companies should make the shift in order to reap the benefits of cloud computing for the long haul. The cloud is clearly here to stay.