The private cloud can do all that the public cloud does and more, writes David Mann of Brand Post. By far one of the principal benefits of the private cloud is the security it provides. While public cloud services can be readily accessed and are therefore tempting targets for hackers, private cloud services offer a secure infrastructure that makes them far harder to access. Additionally, private cloud services are easier to self-protect than public services. A company that is hosting on the private cloud can encrypt and perform security tasks that many public cloud companies don't support.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology, part of the U.S Department of Commerce, recently released a report on the challenges that cloud computing presents for forensic examiners. This study goes over the difficulties investigators face in the dearth of backups when trying to extract sensitive information from the public cloud. For a private cloud provider, however, this problem is virtually non-extant. Because private cloud servers host one client at a time, they offer a much more secure method for making sure that any data that is accessed can also be backed up in order to provide authorities with the information they need to solve crimes.

Private clouds are cheaper than ever
Due to overwhelming industry interest in cloud technology, there are dozens of providers that are competitively rated to make sure that new businesses can use their private cloud services. Cloud backup through a private cloud network is easy: Because all of the data is hosted in one place, it is very simple to make the backups necessary to guarantee business continuity even in the event of a major server meltdown. With new regulatory eyes looking over cloud computing and the record keeping practices of major companies, there is no better time than now to work with a private cloud hosting firm.

With governments increasingly turning an eye toward public cloud service contracts, private cloud hosting services have been giving customers what they've wanted the whole time. Personalized and clearer service level agreements guarantee clients that they will get what they paid for, and the ease with which information can be retrieved or backed up makes private cloud services easier. The recent trends in virtualization make sure that even though an entire infrastructure may be backed up on a server, there will no losses from noisy neighbors and other data problems that can otherwise frustrate a service using the public cloud.