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Automation is critical to hybrid cloud success

How can companies get the most out of the hybrid cloud? For a surprising amount of businesses, the best bet is to use the hybrid cloud alongside automation in order to get superior service. Why is automation so valuable? It has to do with how the hybrid cloud functions within most organizations. Most groups are interested in it due to some combination of cost savings, operational efficiency and agility, but those qualities don't come automatically. Improving processes comes from implementing the cloud intelligently within the workflow of a company. Therefore, using the hybrid cloud is not just about getting the technology, but making sure it works for users across the system.

Ninety-one percent of respondents said that automation was critical to the success of network security operations for hybrid cloud systems, according to a recent study by security firm Tufin. Why is this important? Because the hybrid cloud is often adopted by groups that still want to retain a certain amount of control over their information. They simply can't rely on having safety in their network if there aren't automated systems in place to encrypt, store and protect information stored on various servers. With hybrid cloud computing, it is possible to do all ​of this to data as it is received, enabling groups to protect themselves against attacks.

What is keeping groups from the hybrid cloud?
For most organizations interested in moving to the cloud the central worry is security. However, with just a little bit of attention going into automated systems, this can be safely fixed. Budget constraints have prevented many groups from moving to the cloud, even though they stand to save money once they do make the transition. If companies can focus on moving past those obstacles to utilize this new technology to its fullest, they would be surprised by what they stand to gain.

Ultimately, the goal of any organization should be to become the most efficient, cost-effective version of itself. With the addition of a hybrid cloud computing infrastructure, it is possible to become that over time. Utilizing new software and hardware is always a little difficult for groups to handle at first, but with time comes increased expertise and trust in quality network offerings. With that, it can be very easy to support many different activities across a cloud computing service all benefiting the hosting organization.

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