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Enterprise needs not one-size-fits-all

Sometimes evaluating the solutions offered by cloud providers seems like shopping for clothes or eating fast food. You show up to a sales presentation and you get offered a choice of small, medium or large.

But for an enterprise-class solution, that’s not the level of specificity you actually need.

Just like some people have longer arms or a thicker neck, different organizations have varied needs and requirements that go well beyond whether they want to supersize their cloud order with an extra petabyte of storage.

To actually add value, an enterprise-class cloud system needs to come with features and services that are custom-fit to the actual needs and requirements each company has. Offering one or two flavors isn’t enough.

The value can be seen in a number of ways. Various workloads and apps can require very different combinations of compute power, bandwidth and storage. So in order to deliver the best value for the situation, you need to have some room for adjustment. You need to be able to mix bandwidth types, storage tiers and VM horsepower to find what actually works. Otherwise you’re just stuck choosing between small, medium and large.

A true enterprise solution should give companies the capability to see exactly what they’re getting from their cloud solutions. That helps ensure optimal value over the life of the relationship – and not just a microwaved value meal that leaves you bloated afterwards.

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