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Faction Case Study: Lewan Cloud Services

Faction is one that we built into our managed services offering instead of just selling it as a product, you know, like off to the side for example. In doing so, Faction has become integral to the services we deliver to our clients. We white label the offering. Sometimes our clients know it’s Faction behind the scenes, sometimes they don’t. It’s really what they’re looking for is what we’re interested in solving. We have other clients in other verticals that are using pieces of the Faction infrastructure – either white labeled through the WLAN or through Faction. And that’s the great thing about the solution is that it’s whatever we need it to be and whatever we want it to be.

That made us comfortable that whatever we wanted to mold the solution into, having that level of control, that we would be able to do that and having that level of access has really benefited us. Faction has been tremendous as far as their support and what we really liked about Faction was the white labeling capabilities and their focus on the channel and building their business and that aligned with ours.

Having that white label capability allowed us to leverage the expertise and the infrastructure that Faction could bring to bear but when we dovetail that into the rest of the solution that we offer which makes it much cleaner for our client’s experience. It also allows us to tailor the cloud experience to them unlike a lot of other service providers who don’t have that tailoring capability. Another thing that’s unique about our interaction in the area of networking is we can drop any network carrier we sell telecommunications circuits for example so we can drop any carrier in there that we want that the customer may already be working with. We don’t have to make them switch carriers or have some other, you know, turmoil that they would need to go through to make the connectivity the way they want it. That allows us to continue to drive services and be an important part of our clients’ success.

My personal experience with Faction and the engineers and the solution architects and leadership there has been exceptional. Having their people, you know, literally a phone call away. We can react quickly. That makes a huge impact to our customers. It’s a great partnership that we have, you know, and I look forward to the continued partnership that we have moving forward.

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