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Faction Cloud Gurus on Multi-cloud Q&A – Part 2

Last week we sat down with some of the Faction cloud gurus to learn more about multi-cloud.  Here is a deeper dive into the benefits and best ways to approach adoption. As a refresher, multi-cloud is a cloud-to-cloud peering network. It serves as a useful tool for organizations that want to tap into best-of-breed offerings, such as remote storage, across a variety of network footprints.


Q: How is multi-cloud different from other cloud solutions?

A: Faction Multi-cloud allows customers to create transparent, secure networks across multiple XaaS offerings, while using the agility not available with a BYO approach.

Q: I’m sure there are other providers trying to get in the multi-cloud game. Why will customers choose Faction over competitors? 

A: First and foremost – customers choose Faction because of our flexibility. Also, Faction’s ability to design custom cloud builds that accommodate our customers’ specific technical requirements makes us highly attractive for companies.

Shall we go on? How about Faction’s expert customer service and technical support, along with cost-effective pricing at scale and for heavy utilization levels? There are many more advantages; contact us to talk through your specific requirements and objectives.

Q: What proof do we have that multi-cloud is better?

A: Just ask any customer that has been trapped in any hyperscale cloud solution. Costs can spiral, fees can be hidden, you can lose flexibility and it’s very hard sometimes to talk to a real live person to work through it all.

Q: So, tell me what customers are saying about Faction Multi-cloud?

A: In short, they’re calling it visionary and very beneficial.

Q: What is the expected / average ROI for multi-cloud? 

A: We expect that you’ll see ROI in less than six months just on telco costs alone. One of our Faction cloud experts can walk you through the components and determine specific ROIs for your data environment.

Q: So a company decides to deploy the Faction Multi-cloud platform. Tell me about some of the other benefits of Faction Multi-cloud.

•    Data egress
•    Increased redundancy
•    More deployment flexibility
•    Scalability
•    Faster provisioning times and service delivery
•    Speed to market
•    Easier administration
•    Operational efficiencies
•    Process automation & compression
•    Launching instances, flexible IT framework
•    Leverage more features
•    Enhanced backup capabilities

Q: Ok. You’ve sparked my interest. What is the process and how can a company get started? 

A: First off, companies would start with a core cloud bundle, called Faction Bloc.  You just need to specify the quantity of Blocs that you need and specify your location. Faction cloud nodes are located across the United States and in Europe (Seattle, Santa Clara, Denver, Chicago, Atlanta, New Jersey, New York, and the United Kingdom). Then customize your Bloc(s) with the additional resources and options you need to make it a perfect fit.

Next step is to choose Faction FIX, which interconnects your Faction Cloud environment with our data center neighbors and addresses connectivity to hyperscale. Then you can start using that connectivity to reduce egress spend at hyperscale.

Q: What can a business expect 3 months after adopting multi-cloud? 

A: You can expect to transparently leverage new services and have more predictable costs as opposed to hyperscale models for egress.

Q: What is the future of Multi-Cloud? 

A: We will start seeing more and more software definition and application layer private connectivity that enable hybrid applications.

As cloud experts, Faction architects, manages and supports mission-critical workloads for service providers and the most demanding enterprise clients across its multi–cloud and hybrid cloud environments. Contact us today to find out more and how we can help your company leverage multi-cloud.

And don’t miss out on Luke Norris’s chat with RCRWireless about the evolving world of multi-cloud environments.

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