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How Faction Multi-cloud Data Services Help Optimize VMware Cloud on AWS

VMware Cloud on AWS

Cloud adoption, migration, and extension projects are on the rise. As interest in cloud migration grows, so does interest in VMware Cloud on AWS. Learn how Faction—a VMware Premier Cloud Provider and VMware Principal Partner—helps customers scale resources and keep costs predictable.

VMware Cloud on AWS: An Onramp to the Cloud

VMware Cloud on AWS provides an easy onramp to the cloud for organizations with existing investments in VMware tools, system integrations, and trained staff. The platform reduces operational overhead and can accelerate the realization of cloud benefits like scalability, computing power, geographical reach, and more.

As IT professionals look to minimize budget strain while keeping cloud projects on track, using familiar technologies holds strong appeal. This is particularly the case in response to the strains of 2020, when COVID-19 accelerated cloud migration plans: 51% of IT professionals surveyed are either accelerating their cloud adoption timeline or moving forward as planned; this number goes up to 59% among respondents considering VMware Cloud on AWS.

The top business drivers for moving to VMware Cloud on AWS are scalability, strategic IT initiatives, and cost savings. VMware Cloud on AWS offers consistent management tools between on-premise and cloud environments. Top use cases for it include:

  • Data center extension/Cloud Migration: VMware Cloud on AWS is a natural fit for companies that are close to running out of space in their primary data center, who want to avoid setting up secondary data centers, or who want to fully evacuate their data center.
  • Disaster recovery (DR): Cloud-based disaster recovery provides a powerful and economically feasible solution for protecting data and applications. When replicating to VMware Cloud on AWS, customers get the benefits of a proven and trusted DR platform with the scale and flexibility of public cloud.

Faction’s Solutions

Faction—a VMware Cloud Verified provider, is a VMware Principal Partner (as a Cloud Provider, for VMware Cloud on AWS, and for Data Center Virtualization), and a VMware Partner (Standard Technology Alliance)—offers a number of services that help customers get the most out of VMware Cloud on AWS and keep costs predictable. More importantly, Faction multi-cloud data services offer enterprises a single, managed copy of data accessible from any cloud provider and service using high-speed data access over low-latency connections.

As a managed service provider.

Faction’s solutions include:

  • Faction Cloud Control Volumes: Faction pioneered the first cloud-attached storage solution that integrates natively with VMware Cloud on AWS. This service is directly connected to VMware Cloud on AWS via proprietary, patented network connectivity with a less than 3-millisecond latency. Faction’s Cloud Control Volumes are persistent cloud-attached storage with a flexible design that matches the right storage performance tiers to workload needs, optimizing costs.
  • Faction Hybrid Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (HDRaaS™): Cloud-based disaster recovery provides a powerful and economically feasible solution for protecting data and applications. Faction’s Cloud Control Volumes provide the scalable storage backend for Faction’s Hybrid Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service’s replication and failover needs on VMware Cloud on AWS. Faction’s HDRaaS™ provides an ideal solution on VMware Cloud on AWS for customers who need a flexible solution that’s compatible with 3rd party replication technologies; it offers the benefits of a proven and trusted DR platform with the scale and flexibility of the public cloud.

Benefits of Faction

Faction helps customers accelerate the adoption of VMware Cloud on AWS

With Faction solutions, it provides:

  • Cost management and cost optimization, easing the decision to migrate to the cloud and ongoing cloud cost considerations.
  • Improved network design, offering persistent storage and flexible performance tiers, and providing cloud-attached storage that scales as your applications require, without the need to add costly compute nodes.
  • Migration expertise, to help projects go smoothly, yielding accelerated benefits from upfront planning and providing solutions that empower users.

Putting Faction Services Into Practice:

Let’s see what our customers have to say about their experience of using Faction services with VMware Cloud on AWS. Our customer, PA Lumbermens Mutual (PLM), needed a new DR solution to maintain business continuity while keeping IT operations lean.

As an insurance company, PLM knows how to help customers get back on their feet after a disaster. To be there when it counts the most, insurers must quickly recover from any disruption, including power outages, cyberattacks, and natural disasters.

PLM was already using VMware solutions for its on-premises workloads, so their IT decision-makers felt comfortable moving the DR environment to VMware Cloud on AWS. The Faction Hybrid Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offering uses the proven VMware platform to bring the scale and flexibility of the public cloud to PLM’s backup and recovery needs.

“Faction provides a single point of contact for our recovery cycle, with a fully scripted plan and defined recovery point objectives,” explains PLM’s BJ Gardner. “We can rely on Faction and the VMware Cloud on AWS platform to get us back up and running when needed.”

Read more about this case study: Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual Stays Lean with Disaster Recovery in the Cloud and in Disaster Recovery Planning: Insuring Success For You And Your Customers

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