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How Faction Works With VMware Cloud on AWS

Cloud computing is becoming an increasingly necessary investment for every business and enterprise hoping to compete in today’s modern world. However, making that leap from on-premises infrastructure can be difficult, and not every team has the expertise and understanding to fully take advantage of all that cloud services have to offer. That’s where Faction comes in. We’re here to help you throughout the process with cloud management services, an unparalleled cloud storage solution, and more.

Cloud Migration for Your Business

You have several options when it comes to utilizing cloud services. The main cloud platform providers include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, and Azure. Each comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, and Faction can help supplement the cloud services for whatever platform you choose, as well as help you utilize a multi-cloud solution. However, we also offer specialized services for VMware Cloud on AWS.

Why VMware Cloud on AWS

For those organizations who are familiar with VMware technology and on-premises vSphere environments, the best cloud platform for your purposes is likely to be VMware Cloud on AWS. You can continue using the tools and interfaces that you learned working with VMware while also taking advantage of Amazon’s various cloud services.

How You Can Benefit With Faction

While VMware Cloud with AWS comes with a lot of advantages, it also has limitations and downsides. Faction can help balance these drawbacks. We can pre-buy the 12- to 36-month contract required by AWS and resell it to you in a monthly contract so you only pay for what you need. We also help you with storage, scalability, management, and disaster recovery.

Managed Cloud Services

You know your business needs cloud services — that doesn’t mean you necessarily have the expertise on your team to leverage all the products and solutions you now have access to. Faction offers cloud management to help close that gap. We have a 24/7 operations center to help you, and we offer support from infrastructure to operating system, all available at a monthly charge. Take advantage of our VMware experts on staff, and let us monitor and manage your cloud services on your behalf.

Cloud Storage Solutions

One of AWS’s greatest disadvantages is its storage and scalability limits. Faction Cloud Control Volumes are our cloud-attached storage solution to meet your performance needs and help you optimize costs.

Cloud Control Volumes (CCV) natively integrates with VMware Cloud on AWS, and our proprietary direct connection has less than 3 milliseconds latency. It’s persistent and durable, and you can choose from three storage tiers with three pricing options: high-performance Flash storage, Prime storage for general use virtual machines, and Deep storage for archival storage.

Disaster Recovery with VMware

Faction also offers disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS), building off of our cloud storage solution. Our hybrid DRaaS is an enterprise-level solution that protects your on-premise workloads and replicates them to VMware Cloud on AWS using existing tools like VMware Site Recovery Manager. You can enjoy the confidence and peace of mind that comes from using familiar tools, and you only pay for the virtual machines you need. If you’re interested in using other disaster recovery tools, we offer disaster recovery as a service as well.

Partner With Faction Today

Make the most of your new cloud services and protect your business with Faction! We’re here for you, whether you need support throughout the cloud migration and implementation process or you are simply looking for a more cost-effective cloud storage solution. Explore our site to learn more about all the services we offer, and contact a member of our team today to get started!

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