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Layer 2 Network For You!

At Faction you’ll hear us proudly talk about our patented, Layer 2 Direct Connect technology. That’s just our way of explaining that with Faction – and only with Faction – will you be able to plug in all of your resources directly into Faction cloud without changing a thing – whether they are on premise or colocated with other cloud providers.  You bring your network and carrier as-is!

With Faction Layer 2 connections, you avoid all the typical migration issues that are practically a given with any other IAAS provider. We’re talking about eliminating the months of work you’ve been bracing for to re-design your vLANS, vPNs, IP schemas, and topologies. Who says change has to be painful? Faction allows you to be up and running – realizing the fruits of your investment in just a smidge of the time you thought it would take.

We really do love you just the way you are! 

Are you overwhelmed trying to figure out how to move your data across your on-premise, your colocated, and your cloud based environments?  Seamlessly interconnecting all of your data so it flows easily throughout your entire corporate structure can be daunting.  But, it’s much easier with patented Layer 2 direct connections to Faction’s cloud. 

Most cloud service providers ask their customers to ‘enter’ their cloud via Layer 3.  But that means customers must reprogram and redesign firewalls, IP schemas, vLANs, vPNs and more to ‘fit in’ to the needs of that cloud provider.  At Faction, we really do love you just the way you are – we enable you to use your existing carrier and bring your network as-is without changing a thing.  Our Layer 2 topology eliminates the need to provision and manage complex firewalls, routers, and Spanning Tree Protocol [STP] as it relates to your cloud network. And with Faction you can just extend your IP schema, allowing you to keep the IP addresses you currently use.

Dedicated Private Pathways

Faction is the ONLY cloud that lets you ride on one dedicated private global network no matter its origination point all the way into our cloud via Layer 2 connectivity, not Layer 3. It’s so unique; we even published a patent on it!  Layer 2 interconnections allow you to maintain network isolation while establishing private connectivity to multiple interfaces.

Control your Cloud Destiny

Most importantly, when you interconnect your existing environment with Faction’s cloud you’ll enjoy all the benefits of a hybrid IT environment.  Inside the Faction cloud you will have dedicated storage, network and compute resources on demand–just waiting to be provisioned as you wish.  And all of this data will seamlessly interconnect and flow throughout your entire hybrid environment – your on premise, your colocated and your cloud based systems.


There’s a better way to do cloud.  It’s Faction.  Join our cloud revolution!

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