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Layer 2 Private Network Interconnection | Video

You want to use the cloud. “How hard can it be?” And so your cloud journey begins. Other cloud providers are happy to help you. But then you learn that you’re just not their type. You don’t speak their lingo. And now you have a lot of changing to do. Migrating you VLANS and IP subnets, reprogramming firewalls. And months and months of work. “Why does it have to be so complicated?” Cloud integration doesn’t have to be that way. With Faction, we like you just the way you are! Faction offers you Layer 2 Direct Connections to our clouds. Resulting in huge time savings. Speedy, simple, interconnection of your public, private and on-premise resources. You can even keep your existing carrier. So, come as you are – The Faction Cloud doesn’t make you compromise. Faction. Join the cloud revolution.

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