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On-demand Webinar: Navigating Cloud-Based DR With VMware Cloud on AWS



Disaster Recovery shouldn’t always conjure up images of airplanes and tsunamis crashing into your data center, destroying your environments and ruining your business’ reputation. Cyber-attacks, hard drive failures, disgruntled employees destroying data, and even simple human errors – these are the REAL threats you should be worried about.

VMware and DELL EMC have been leaders in the protection of data and applications for decades. And now, VMware Cloud on AWS provides familiar, and powerful options for cloud-based Disaster Recovery for your VMware workloads.

Watch speakers, Matt Wallace, CTO at Faction, and Brent M. Piatti, Global Strategist at DELL EMC and host of The Hot Aisle podcast, as they cover key topics to help you understand how to leverage this enterprise platform to improve the resilience of your business.

Topics covered in this on-demand webinar include:

– Advantages to cloud-based DR
– Existing data protection solutions and customer challenges
– Pitfalls introduced by public cloud recovery
– A primer for VMware Cloud on AWS
– 5 types of cloud-based DR, and how these suit VMware Cloud on AWS
– Leveraging native services like VMware Site Recovery Services


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