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On-demand Webinar: Creating Next Gen IT with VMware Cloud on AWS & Native AWS Services

VMware Cloud on AWS brings the scale and agility of public cloud to VMware environments. The ability to rapidly add and remove capacity around the globe is incredible, but an even more interesting part of the story is how you can leverage a collection of powerful AWS services to enhance your VMware environments.

This gives you the option to lift-and-shift your VMs directly into the cloud, and then take your time to build the knowledge and skills you need to integrate AWS to further boost outcomes.


In this webinar we cover the following topics:

  • How VMware Cloud on AWS integrates with AWS
  • What “direct” integrations currently exist, such as leveraging AWS Key Management Service to store VMware Cloud on AWS encryption keys
  • Additional optional integrations, including:
    • CloudFront for CDN
    • Application and Network Load Balancer for traffic flow and SSL Offload
    • RDS and DynamoDB for managed SQL and NoSQL databases


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