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On-Demand Webinar: Jumpstart Multi-cloud Environments with Dell Storage

Webinar - Jumpstart Multi-Cloud with Dell Storage

Public Cloud offers a multitude of native storage options that include File, Block, and Object. If you’re in the public cloud, you’re using one or more of these – but should every workload you add or move to public cloud always use native storage? How does the choice of storage affect your ability to execute a multi-cloud strategy?

When evaluating a multi-cloud strategy, it’s important to consider your existing on-prem investments such as VMware and enterprise storage solutions like Dell EMC Isilon’s scale-out NAS , or mid-range and enterprise block storage platforms, including Dell EMC PowerStore, Unity XT or Powermax. Next, you’ll need to ask yourself how much of your data can realistically be moved to the cloud while keeping both the teams that are deploying applications on-prem and in the cloud, happy.

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