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Privacy is easy with private or hybrid cloud

The big secret of cloud computing is that these large networks follow essentially the same principles of any other large network. While cloud networks seem complicated and state of the art due to their relative newness, they are fundamentally the same as any large company network, with the exception that cloud networks carry more data and are accessible to employees that are mobile. In light of this information, it is important that a cloud network be built securely. There is nothing intrinsically insecure about utilizing the cloud, but that does not mean that a cloud cannot be made insecure through poor choices. The flipside of this is that the cloud can be made impervious to hackers by focusing on making it very secure by using the right kinds of software and protocols.

Ensuring a secure hybrid cloud is a matter of encryption, according to Midsize Insider. This is a process where the data on a given server is scrambled, but in such a way that using a specialized kind of mathematical key unscrambles the data and make it usable again. In order for data to be safe on a cloud server, it should be encrypted. The benefits of this technology when defending assets from hackers is that they do not know what information is valuable, and so they have to commit resources to downloading a large amount of encrypted information and find a way to de-encrypt it before deciding on how to best sell or use it. If information on a server is kept safe in this way, there is a strong possibility that a hacker might simply avoid taking on the information with the extra work that it requires, and instead move on to another target. Because so much of modern security right now is about presenting a company’s servers as harder to crack than the next ones, this kind of tactic is very effective.

Worker opt-in is important for the cloud
The best advantages of cloud computing require that the cloud fits the company and that employees embrace it. Cloud computing professional Pete Johnson wrote in an article for BSM Info that an important way to make sure that a cloud deployment stays portable, so that an organization can shift their provider later if they need to, is to choose a provider that looks at the cloud from an application point of view. Application-based cloud services are easier to move than other types of cloud services. Being able to migrate is important for companies that may undergo growth over the next couple years. Without the ability to shift cloud providers, a group may suffer from lock-in with their cloud vendor. A vendor that has a client locked in may wind up not providing the same kind of quality service that one that knows it client could leave would provide.

With a secure cloud that allows easy migration of data on and off of its servers, an company can enjoy the advantages of cloud computing with none of the downsides most expect. Fears abound that the cloud is unsafe or unreliable, but those perspectives are primarily due to reactions formed when the technology was in its infancy. Now that the way that cloud computing is done has greatly matured, it is much easier to create strong cloud environments. The utilities and software available to enterprise customers on the cloud today have never been better. It is likely that anyone who adopted the cloud now would be pleasantly surprised at the ease of use and power of the machine system they were using was capable of giving them.

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