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VMware Cloud on AWS Monthly Digest – May 2018 | Newsletter

VMware Cloud on AWS Industry News & Highlights | May 2018

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Rapidly Build and Scale Horizon 7 Desktops and Applications with VMware Cloud on AWS

This month AWS announced that the Horizon 7 virtual desktop and application platform is supported by VMware Cloud on AWS. One of the most notable benefits is that customers no longer have to purchase new hardware to scale this solution.

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Connectivity Options for VMware Cloud on AWS Software Defined Data Centers

There are several connectivity options available for VMware Cloud on AWS, from customer VPC to on-prem. Explore these options and the requirements for each in this blog from AWS.

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Dedicated Hardware in a Public Cloud World

Let’s clear up one of the most common misconceptions of VMware Cloud on AWS. Many people think that the components of VMware’s SDDC for VMC on AWS run natively on Amazon. But in reality, VMware Cloud on AWS runs on physical hardware.

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Stretched Clusters for VMware Cloud on AWS – an Overview of the New Feature

Learn about a new feature call Stretched Clusters for VMware Cloud on AWS, which is designed to protect itself against an AWS availability zone failure.

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A Glimpse into the On-Boarding Process for VMware Cloud on AWS

Watch this video for an introduction to VMware Cloud on AWS and a walk-through of the concepts required to successfully on-board the service.

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