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VMware Cloud on AWS Monthly Digest – October 2020 | Newsletter

VMware Cloud on AWS Digest News & Highlights | October 2020


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November Webinar: Can VMware Shops Easily Adopt Multiple Public Clouds?

VMware Cloud on AWS was the first cloud-based offering for VMware customers looking to seamlessly adopt public clouds, but it is no longer the only option.

Offers like Azure VMware Services, Google Cloud VMware Engine, and Oracle Cloud VMware Cloud Solution have expanded the reach from the on-premises datacenter to a global multi-cloud network of providers and regions. Is your organization ready to embrace this new scope in cloud environments and capabilities?


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VMware Cloud on AWS – Access an Amazon Simple Email Service Using VPC Endpoint

When you run workloads on VMware Cloud on AWS, you gain the advantage of being able to tap into a rich pool of AWS services. In this post, they cover one of these services – Amazon Simple Email Service – to show how easy it is to set up, even when rigorous security policies are in place.


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VMware Cloud Offers Webcasts to Aid in Creating Future-Ready Businesses

VMware Cloud is now offering a series of webcasts to assist businesses to be able to choose the proper cloud strategy to use in their remote workforce to ensure consistent and productive hybrid and multi-cloud experience.


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Cloud-migration Acceleration and Workflow Modernization Focus of AWS-VMware Partnership

The two companies are innovating new ways to help customers migrate to the cloud and modernize their workflows. The partnership has focused on accelerating and simplifying enterprise cloud migration and hybrid cloud deployments.



VMware Cloud on AWS 2020 Market Survey

Understand why companies are adopting enterprise cloud, specifically VMware Cloud on AWS, and why it’s accelerating due to drivers like the COVID-19 pandemic.


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