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What is Peak?

We're an Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud service provider – built from the ground up to deliver a true enterprise-class white-label solution for our channel partners.

Virtualized environments ARE the future. The majority of server workloads will be virtualized by 2015. And enterprises could save more than $16 BILLION if they moved three mission-critical apps to the cloud.

For resellers and agents, customers are shifting away from purchasing new equipment and instead focusing on cloud expenses. And if they don't transition soon, they could be left in the cold.

We know the top complaint about cloud carriers is competition. With Peak, our resellers fully own the customer relationship. We don't have a direct sales team. We're here to serve as an extension to your team, and will NEVER compete for end-user business.

On the technology side, we bring an agnostic platform that allows partners to use the hypervisor, security or backup tools they already have in place. We also allow our partners to connect directly from your data center or premise or even from one cloud to Peak’s cloud via layer 2, not layer 3, through our patented topology.

We've built cloud nodes in geographies spanning the US and UK, which cuts latency and makes hosting mission-critical apps a reality.

Our partners leverage those features to scale on our back and get to market faster – with no capital expenditure and access to more storage and computing resources than they could afford on their own

Let Peak help you create cloud solutions that your customers need, so you can continue to build those relationships and drive growth.

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