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Disaster Recovery to VMware Cloud On AWS White Paper – Faction

Cloud-based disaster recovery has changed the financial equation for protecting your business from failures. It has brought accessibility for disaster recovery strategy to a much larger subset of businesses who once could not afford it. New technologies and platforms enable lower cost, increased automation and peace of mind.

Our white paper provides an overview of VMware Cloud on AWS, a relatively new platform on the cloud stage, and examines the ways in which it can be used to provide higher levels of resiliency for your business and IT workloads.

We cover topics in depth, including:

  • An introduction to cloud-based disaster recovery
  • Advantages and challenges of native public cloud recovery
  • Introduction to VMware Cloud on AWS and the platform architecture
  • 5 Types of Cloud-based DR and how VMware Cloud applies to each
  • Advantages of integrating AWS into your VMware Cloud on AWS environment

Faction also did comprehensive testing of the time it takes to scale up your environment in VMware Cloud on AWS. Spoiler alert, its much faster than producing servers and deploying them in your datacenters.

The list below outlines all of the different operations we tested for overhead time, and per host time during scaling up.

For detailed test results and in depth information on the topics listed above, please check out our white paper available for download now.

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