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Why the hybrid cloud may be the future of enterprise

It is hard to imagine a type of cloud more popular currently than hybrid right now. It is easy to see why – hybrid clouds have the flexibility and scalability of a public cloud, while also having the customizability and security of the private cloud. For those who are interested in working with large amounts of data that still needs to be kept private, the hybrid cloud is a good choice. Enterprises, specifically, can work with the hybrid cloud as a way to test out many cloud features before committing fully to them. This slow adoption is actually better for workers in the long run too, as it can make cloud applications more familiar, thanks to the slower pace of adoption.

According to a recent survey by Averre Systems, 58 percent of those attending the recent 2014 Cloud Expo New York were in the process of building hybrid clouds for their companies. Separately, 58 percent of those who attended also planned on migrating traditional applications to the cloud over the next two years. This means that quite a few organizations are in the process of adopting the hybrid cloud in order to give their organizations a stronger IT management solution. Many of these cloud adoptions were being driven by top level executives, but a similar percentage were also powered by IT data management teams who understood the technical aspects behind their adoption. Utilizing these kinds of solutions is important for companies that want to remain competitive in their industries.

The hybrid cloud is so specifically useful because it allows companies to dictate the pace at which they want to adopt the benefits of cloud computing. One organization might quickly use an Infrastructure-as-a-service platform to put much of their raw computing power on the cloud, and then use it exclusively to business analytics purposes, whereas another might use it to automate billing for clients, so that all accounting employees can pull up that information. The power of the cloud comes primarily from its flexibility to provide whatever kind of solutions a company that is using it might need.

Hybrids are more efficient
According to Cloud Computing News, many different large tech companies are trying to use the hybrid cloud in order to manage many of their hosting services. The nice thing about the way that the cloud works is that all of these companies may have a different idea of what they will get out of the cloud, and they’re all right. Whether someone is using the cloud in order to provide a server that can be used for research, or as a way to host unified communications software in order to connect employees, there are a variety of was that the cloud can help a business. As time goes on, there will be fewer and fewer organizations that aren’t using the cloud. This is not because any one way of utilizing the benefits of cloud computing is superior, but because the many different ways that an organization can use the cloud are all so crucial for different firms.

It will perhaps be those who take the opportunity to transform their businesses that will have the most efficient use of cloud computing. The new methods of work that are offered by the cloud are startlingly different than the many ways of doing things that most employees are familiar with. In order to make the best out of any transition, working with the right vendor is very important. Creating a cloud that works with a company that knows how to make it, though, that’s one of the easiest things that can be done to dramatically improve a business.

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