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Are you matched with the right cloud provider?

In a way, figuring out the best cloud provider is kind of like online dating.

Sure, they look good in pictures, and their profile doesn’t raise too many red flags. But it isn’t until you actually have a real conversation with them that you really know what’s for real, and what they just put in their profile to try to lure people in.

When you look at their massive racks of servers in photographs, you don’t know if those enhancements are real or make-believe.

You need to have an honest conversation with these providers and make sure you know what you’re getting into – so you don’t get blindsided with their baggage when you take them to meet your customers.

  • Do they offer 99.99% availability SLAs, or do you get that generic “99.9 percent” availability?
  • Do they offer dedicated compute resources for each partner, or are you going to end up fighting with other cloud tenants for the same resources?
  • Do you have a dedicated connection to layer 2? Really?

If you met someone online, you wouldn’t marry them before you spent a lot of time really getting to know the person beneath the profile – really really well. And even then, you might want to get a pre-nup to protect yourself down the line.

Do your research when you’re looking at a cloud provider. Because in relationships and in cloud partnerships, divorce is expensive.

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