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CloudTweaks: Reframing Lock In in the Era of Data Transformation

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The business imperative to drive better decisions and outcomes using data is both critical and urgent. There is no mistaking that we have entered an era of data-driven transformation that was not yet upon us during the early phases of cloud adoption and is, at the same time, being inspired by cloud providers and third-parties offering cloud-based data services that enable data-driven transformation initiatives. According to TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group research survey, The State of DataOps, July 2023, inconsistencies in data across different systems and sources are the top challenge for data users. In the context of the era of data-driven transformation, there is a need to reframe how we think about cloud vendor lock-in so that IT organizations can focus their efforts on the most pressing problems of today rather than tilting at problems associated with an antiquated concept of lock-in.


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