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ESG Survey Reveals Data Management Opportunities Essential to Transformative Business Outcomes

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Enterprises must prioritize data-driven initiatives to keep pace with the explosion of data from 3rd party sources and ensure accurate insights

DENVER, CO – August 8, 2023 (Globe Newswire)Faction, Inc., the pioneer of Multi-Cloud Data Services, today announced new research results by TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) underscoring how data-driven initiatives are imperative to successful business outcomes, and revealing that data practitioners are quietly struggling with data access, accuracy, and integration.

According to ESG’s research survey, The State of DataOps, July 20231:
* Inconsistencies in data across different systems and sources are the top challenge for data users (36% of respondents)
* Keeping pace with rapidly evolving technology and tools is the top data management challenge (39% of respondents)
* Data practitioners are 65% more likely to say that data access is the most significant role of the data lifecycle in DataOps
* Data practitioners are 59% more likely than others in the organization to say that being forced into using a “preferred application” to meet end-user requirements is a top problem

To access additional insights from the ESG survey, download the FREE eBook here.

Data practitioners already consumed with preparing out-of-sync data from multiple internal applications are now facing mounting pressure from external sources intended to enrich business insights. In the ESG study, 75% of respondents saw an increase in the use of third-party data within the past 12 months, and with the sharp rise in technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), this trend will only accelerate.

“Data volume and complexity have skyrocketed, driving urgency around modernizing data management. Data must be accurate and accessible for it to have any utility in real-time business decisions,” said Stephen Catanzano, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. “Without proper data-driven measures in place, companies just can’t compete. Investing in DataOps initiatives is imperative to improving their data processes and ensuring they have access to data that is synchronized and trustworthy.”

Faction enables organizations to run any workload anywhere, anytime by presenting their critical data to all cloud-based applications and services, simultaneously. When data is in a replication or migration phase it is out-of-sync with new data, or data stored in other locations. Many organizations repeat the Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) process for every cloud in which they want to use the apps and services. This is an outdated and complex process that requires extra time and resources. With Faction, the data doesn’t move. Instead, Faction enables organizations to keep all of their data together and in-sync with access to all the applications and services they need, regardless of Cloud Service Provider (CSP).

“Enterprises are coming to Faction needing simple, secure, and scalable data access. The sprawl they’re experiencing with their data estates is due, in part, to copying, modifying, and resharing data – which inevitably leads to inconsistencies, higher costs, and governance problems,” said Faction CTO, Matt Wallace. “We offer our customers the unique ability to access a single dataset from their preferred apps across all clouds at once, which ensures data accuracy, increases speed and efficiency, and avoids burnout among data teams.”

Survey Details

For this study, ESG conducted a quantitative, web-based survey of 361 individuals across North America (US and Canada) to identify data management trends and shifts in DataOps. Survey respondents included:
* Data professionals involved with data and analytics modern tooling, technology, and processes
* Large midmarket (500 to 999 employees, 29%) and enterprise companies (1,000+ employees, 71%)
* Multiple industry verticals including manufacturing, financial, retail/wholesale, and healthcare, among others

Additional Resources:
* Download a free copy of the ESG State of DataOps eBook here
* Watch the Faction Fireside Chat on DataOps & Multi-cloud here

About Faction
Successful digital transformation requires a data-first approach to storing, managing and presenting data. As the pioneer of Multi-Cloud Data Services (MCDS), Faction offers the only data-first architecture for simultaneously presenting a single copy of data to your choice of applications and cloud services. Faction’s Multi-Cloud Data Services accelerate business outcomes from third-party services including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Business Intelligence (BI), speeding up time to innovation. Our flagship product, Faction Cloud Control Volumes (CCV), offers highly scalable, cloud-adjacent storage that leverages low-latency, high throughput network connections to multiple clouds via our proprietary network fabric, the Faction Internetwork eXchange (FIX). Faction’s solutions (or MCDS) deliver the agility, performance, scalability, security, and data sovereignty necessary to realize the promise of data-driven transformation. To learn more about Faction, visit and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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