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Faction Customers Receive Best-in-Breed Multi-Cloud Solution with NetApp’s Private Storage-as-a-Service

Faction announces through its long-term partnership with NetApp, leader in enterprise storage and data management, its commitment to provide customers with the convenience of the cloud coupled with an enterprise-grade, private storage solution. Hybrid cloud computing is making waves across enterprise IT organizations, as it successfully and strategically merges two very distinct IT worlds: private clouds, which live at an on-premises data center, and the public clouds. With NetApp’s Private Storage-as-a-Service (NPSaaS) solution, Faction customers are now able to seamlessly support their multi-cloud environment, with instantaneous migration of data, immediate failover in the case of disaster recovery, and secure access to a variety of clouds for application-specific deployment strategies.

“At Faction, we are firm believers in allowing customers’ complete control of their cloud environment and our hybrid cloud architecture fully supports that type of agility,” comments Luke Norris, Chief Executive Officer of Faction. “Hybrid cloud is the direction networks are headed, further exemplified by IDC’s Cloud FutureScape report, which predicts that more than 80% of enterprise IT organizations will commit to a hybrid cloud architecture by 2017. Partnering with NetApp allows Faction to embrace this multi-cloud initiative by combining easy access to varied cloud environments with best-in-class data storage solutions.”

“Enterprises increasingly want IT capabilities delivered as a service and priced in a way that aligns with their use of cloud services,” said Phil Brotherton, Vice President of Cloud at NetApp. “The Arrow offering is significant because it enables VARs to pair a NetApp patent-pending cloud solution with selectable end-to-end professional services that can be consumed by enterprises on an operating expense basis.”

As hybrid cloud environments become a “solution of choice” for enterprise IT organizations, challenges still arise. The Faction solution combats common concerns, such as time-to-market and scalability, by utilizing NetApp’s data management expertise. Aside from the breadth of multi-cloud features NPSaaS supports, it is also able to meet seasonal or time-sensitive workloads, with its ability to scale compute and/or storage on an as-needed and cost-effective basis.

Furthermore, Faction customers are now able to accelerate their testing and developmental processes, thereby enabling optimal network configurations and added flexibility. Finally, with NPSaaS, data can be replicated seamlessly between privately owned data centers and the cloud, with an emphasis on high reliability, availability and serviceability.

Faction is a Platinum-level NetApp Service Provider operating throughout the United States and United Kingdom.

You can access a recording of the Faction and NetApp webinar on NPSaaS here.


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